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new technology

5 Latest Technologies that Assures 100% Job Guarantee

Technology is constantly getting better, be it via updating of the previous ones or with the coming of new technology. All this is happening at such a swift pace that one can call it travelling faster than the speed of light. The changes are rapid and their effects are short-term.  At such times, it becomes …


What are the Cool Mantras of Startup Lifecycle that Guarantee Success?

A startup is always a dream of one or the other, and most owners aspire to be the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. It may be hard for a novice to achieve that level. An experienced mentor or an owner could guide you through the different stages of startup’s Lifecycle with ease. The seasoned professionals could …

Female Hormones

Types And Functions Of Female Hormones

Like the circulatory system, digestive system and nervous system, the endocrine system regulates the body’s activities. Both the hormones and the hormones producing glands make up the endocrine system. Altogether, there are eight significant glands, mainly involved in producing hormones, regulating the body’s metabolism and life processes. Endocrinology is the branch of biology and medicine …

Best Business Spots of Dubai
Business Infographics

Top 5 Business Friendly Spots in Dubai

So many entrepreneurs come to Dubai with a dream to create a successful business there, and it works! Indeed, Dubai has a booming economy with an extensive infrastructure, strategic location, and a competitive environment. Here are the top 5 places in Dubai who have experienced a recent increase in new businesses: 1. Al Garhoud This …

Yoga for students
Health & Fitness

Yoga for Students: Tip To Increase Concentration & Release Exam Stress

Students’ life is not as easy as it looks so. Usually, regular monthly exams and tests increase the stress level of the students. This makes them unfit for the next upcoming exams, and make them mentally ill. Stress makes students uncomfortable and distracted towards studies. And most of the time they do not concentrate on …

26 Essential Harry Potter you Need to Know if you are Potter Head

26 Essential Harry Potter you Need to Know if you are Potter Head

We need words to communicate; similarly Wizards can’t perform magic without a word or a definite shape to that magic. Spells are terms used in the fantasy series Harry Potter to give a definite term to the magic being performed. This became a hot-topic after the release of the series because the viewers wanted to know these spells and were eager to use them just for fun or to create humor in real life.

Economics Examination

Tips on How to Prepare for Your Economics Examination

BestEconsTuition is an award-winning, MOE-registered premium online leading economics education Centre in Singapore that specializes in Singapore – Cambridge GCE A-level Economics. The curriculum is designed to give the best possible start to students in understanding the concepts of economics. The course curriculum incorporates fundamental concepts of economics as well as the more technical areas …

ICY DOCK Removable Storage

Taking Storage to greater heights with ICY DOCK MB343SPO

Introduction  Several popular names in the industry are investing $38 Billion in India’s tech sector this year alone! With the continuous advancements in the information technology industry, our devices are becoming more user friendly and much more compact. People are travelling more and need all kinds of information on the tip of their fingers. This …