For Organizations: 5 Tips For Quick And Effective Onboarding!


Onboarding can be overwhelming for both – employees and employers alike. However, it is far more important for the latter as it is their first impression on the new joiners. That’s why today we came up with these top five tips that guarantee a hassle-free onboarding: 

#1 Share The Induction Details in Advance

For new members, it is always better to know in advance what the first day will be like. So prepare an induction brochure – in both soft and hard copy. Send the soft copy via email a few days before the joining date. For hard copy, share it with them when they arrive in the office.

#2 Make Use Of Onboarding Solutions

Onboarding solutions are a boon for businesses. The user onboarding software streamlines the whole process – uploading documents, forms, images and setting up the compliance workflow. Basically, it automates everything and gets your new starters going. 

Tip: For organizations that use Intranet, Green Orbit’s user onboarding tool is a must-try. It offers an excellent platform for compelling onboarding.

#3 Focus More On Interaction in Induction

Most of the time, the new squad finds the induction event boring because there is very little interaction, and it is more of a school lecture-type process. So, it would be good if the induction giver communicates with the audience rather than just passing information. 

#4 Make it Special

Before you go deep into introducing the work culture to your employees., do something that makes them feel that the organization wants and is lucky to have them. You can do so with a personalized message, gift hamper, a badge or anything else that suits you best. Studies show that this ritual works like a charm to boost the new joiners’ morale and reduce the surrounding anxiety about their first day.

#5 Use Gamification – A Fun Way To Understand About Your Culture

This is the latest trend that guarantees to keep your newcomers attentive and thoroughly engaged in onboarding. Some ideas on this:

  • Plan skits, games, music jam, and limbo bar in the first few days.
  • Set them on a scavenger hunt on the premises.
  • “Who’s who” game using flashcards.

Looking for more ideas? Try Linkedin. 

Remember, the main goal is to go further than explaining company culture to the employees. Make them precisely understand what is expected from them – in an enjoyable way.

Bonus Tip: Ease Their Anxieties With Little Personal Gestures

Various tiny things can help to calm their first-day nervousness, such as:

  • Ensure someone personally accompanies them from the door to the premises.
  • Ask the staff to greet them warmly.
  • Have them introduce themselves to their fellow team members. 
  • If you have smart security systems like the card key door locks, allot a  key to them a day before so that they won’t have to wait for someone to let them in. It makes them feel valued and part of the team. 
  • Get their workstation properly set up before their arrival. 
  • Give them a company roaster to let them know – how and who to contact when needed.

Whereas these gestures seem small, they make your new colleagues feel welcome in their new company.

Final Thoughts

When you employ all of the above tactics, it creates a splendid onboarding process. Just work on the above stated behind-the-scenes, and it will go all smooth. We wish you all the best!

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