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How to DIY Tiles Cleaning Perfectly?

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The tile maintenance is important in keeping them a safe and healthy environment of house premises. For that, many cleaning strategies have been derived. You don’t have to rush anymore to the cleaning companies. You better do it at home, with ease. Open the internet browser, write down the query and you will get a lot of solutions regarding home cleaning strategies.

The home cleaning strategies are far safer than using market products. They do not harm or produce side effects during the tile cleaning process. Before we discuss the methods, let’s go through some daily habits to follow:

  • Clean the tiles regularly or at least on the off days of the week.
  • The dusting is essential for supporting your tiles. Use any broom or soft brush to sweep away the dirt.
  • If tiles get any type of stain, remove it with immediate effect. Do not leave it unattended or put on delay.
  • Use cleaning solutions for stain deletion.
  • Use phenyl to kill microbes on the floor surface.
  • Apply the sterilizing sprays to secure the floor from microbial contamination.
  • Oozing unpleasant smells are removed by applying treatment products. Cautiously apply them.

The pantry of every house contains a lot of useful items that give excellent tiles cleaning services in Melbourne. The scientific research articles are full of such valuable information.

Citrus based cleaners

The items in the kitchen like citrus fruits have good cleaning action. If the juice of such fruits is added with some washing powder and water. This solution helps in regaining the shine of tiles. You can prepare and keep it in a bottle for a month and use it whenever you get time. Just throw over the tiles, leave it for 20 minutes and swab it with some cloth.

Another important item of the pantry is the vinegar. It is also a weak acid. If mixed with water and washing powder, gives excellent refurbishment to the floor tiles.

Homemade scrub

The proficient baking soda is an outstanding scrub for the surface tiles. Take vinegar, baking soda, and water to prepare a scrub mixture. Keep it a thick paste and apply it over the stained parts. Give some time to get absorbed in the tiles. It will give a thorough cleaning. The stains will demolish easily. This scrub is safe and causes no harm to the tiles.

Peppermint solution

Take alcohol, vinegar, washing liquid, water, drops of peppermint oil. Add these to a beaker, stir them well. Put it into some spray bottle and use it as per need. Spray this solution to the surface of tiles. Let it sit for half an hour. Take a wet sponge and clean it. The rubbing will clear all stains and dirt. This solution also gives a beautiful fragrance in the air that has refreshing effects.

Goodbye to mold and mildews

Use lemon juice along with the baking powder. Spill this mixture over the dusty tiles and wait for results. Use a scrubber to wipe the surface. The acid in lemon juice retard the growth of mold and mildew residing in the tiles.

Mouthwash properties

Take 2 tablespoons of mouth wash and add in a liter of water. Use only warm water for effective results. Splash this solution on the floor and leave it for 40 minutes. The results will sparkle your eyes. The warm water will lose the bonding of pathogenic contamination. It kicks away the germs and other deadly microbes from tiles. 

Grout maintenance

The grout of the tiles also gets rough and dirty because of regular usage. It needs fixing and refurbishment. The grout cleaning is necessary to keep the tiles adjusted in their position. The grout cleaners are available in the shops. Apply them once a month for tiles stability.

Sweep the dust

The dust present on tiles needs a daily basis sweeping. Use a broom brush or vacuum them every day. The vacuum machine has absorbable properties. It took away the bad germs and soil particles.

Use a wet mop

The wet mops are good for deep cleaning. After vacuuming, apply the wet mop and turn on the ceiling fans to get dry. Also, add some drops of phenyl in the water of the mop. It is good for killing microorganisms.

Steam vacuum application

Besides these cleaning strategies, also apply a steam vacuum. The steam cleaning machine has a water tank, which on plugging generates hot vapors. These vapors having high temperatures are sprayed over the tiles to get out stubborn stains. This technique is getting very common and successful. The experts also clean the tiles with the help of this technique. It has many benefits over others.

  • This technique uses no chemicals as compared to tiles cleaners.
  • It uses little water that is why drying the tiles get easy.
  • This technique has no side effects.
  • It is safe for the health of citizens.
  • It eradicates almost every kind of stain.

The service providers in every area are offering tile refurbishing facilities. So, there are no more worries. Better to take help from them for speedy cleaning.

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