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Should You Prefer a Shower Enclosure Suite over a Bathtub?

The shower vs bath debate has been going on for years. Both of these have its pro and cons. Regardless of what you may prefer, one thing that most experts believe is that the trend of replacing a bath with a shower enclosure is increasing. There can be many reasons for it but a shower cubicle is considered more contemporary than a standard bath. Perhaps, installing a glass enclosure while making sure that your bathroom will have a coordinated look can be even more practical. It is more functional and will make your space more aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom with a shower cubicle, then a suite may be a better choice. But what these suites are and why you should consider replacing your bath for the shower enclosure suite are at the top of this blog.

“A shower enclosure suite is simply a bathroom suite that is a set of different bathroom fittings and fixture having matching style, size, and colour”. You will get the following items within a single package. 

What is a Shower Enclosure Suite?

  • Shower Cubicle.  Every shower enclosure suite essentially includes a type of shower cubicle. It may be quadrant, square, or rectangular with different combinations of toilet and vanity sink units. For example, a quadrant enclosure may be included in a package with a wall hung toilet and vanity sink unit. So, you can get the type of fittings you want. 
  • Toilet Set.  Your Package will include a type of toilet like a close coupled toilet, wall-hung toilet, and back to wall toilet.
  • Vanity Sink Unit.  Since storage is a need for every bathroom, your bath suite will also include a vanity and sink combo. It can be either wall hung, or floor standing storage furniture.

Depending on where you buy your shower enclosure suite or a bath suite, there may be more items included in the package. 

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Why Prefer a Shower Enclosure Suite?

There is the following reason to prefer a shower enclosure over a bath. 

Shower Is More Popular

Have you seen big freestanding baths designed for a long soak in the homes from the 1990s? However, it was more a trend than practicality. So, in most spaces, such baths were rarely used. Even if they were the time has changed and people no more have a lot of time to relax in the baths. For most, it may be a once-a-week or once a month activity. That makes a bath less practical. Therefore, more and more people are switching to shower enclosure suites. So, you should go for a shower cubicle because it is what more people want. In addition to that, having a shower enclosure in at least one of your bathrooms makes it attractive to the buyers. That means, it is such an investment that will have a positive influence on the value of your home. However, it does necessarily mean that you should replace all of your baths with a shower. You can still keep a bath in one of your baths or even fit it into shower enclosure if the space permits. It will have an even more positive influence on the value of your property. 

Safer Option For all Ages.

Recent research suggests that elderly people have a high risk of falling in the bathroom than in any other area in your home. Such falls are the biggest cause of injuries in elderly people. That’s why if you have an elderly or anyone with mobility challenges at your home then a shower enclosure is a better option for them. Moreover, there have been many incidences of children drowning in bathtubs. Therefore, experts don’t recommend leaving kids in the baths alone for even a few minutes. You may have attention diverted for so many reasons at home leaving babies or children playing inside the bath may result in losses in the end. 

Therefore, why not choose a safer option? that is a shower enclosure. You can make it even safer by installing a walk-in shower enclosure. 

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Promote Independent Living 

Assisted living for the elderly or people with limited mobility can have higher costs. But there is a way to make your home better for living to avoid such costs. For example, there are various types of transformations and modifications that can make your home a better space for independent living. It may include many changes in the bathroom. However, the biggest amongst them will be bath to shower conversion. Moreover, living in a home rather than assisted living spaces will have a positive impact on their mind. 

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Generally, there is not much difference in the amount of care required by a bath and shower enclosure. However, there is a difference between the excursion required to do the job. You will have to spray the bathtub and then bend over it with a cleaning brush or sponge scourer to clean. While shower enclosure on the other hand can be cleaned quickly and easily with a simple glass cleaning spray and wiping it off. That makes an enclosure easier to clean and maintain. 

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