The Various Types of Wood Screws

Wood Screws

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be the most handy, you are going to come across a screw or two at some point. Knowing the different screw types will put you in a good spot, especially when it comes to wood screws.

Wood screws are one of the most common types you will come across. Despite the name, there is a lot more to know about than meets the eye. Here is everything that you could need to know about the various types of wood screws out there.

What are Wood Screws?

To put it simply, wood screws are used for securing wooden materials together. Wood screws work with hardwood, softwood, MDF, chipboard, and more. You’ll find that there are a variety of wood screws out there to choose from, some which have twin heads, others with shanks, and others that will save you from having to pre-drill holes.

You can find a huge array of wood screws for both home and construction purposes at your local home improvement store. They come in a litany of different material types, so you can find precisely what you need to get the next project done.

Types of Wood Screws

You are going to find two types of wood screws: partially or fully threaded. For woodworking purposes, steel screws are the best option. Even for interior DIY work, steel screws are great because they are versatile and have great holding strength.

There are production screws out there that also have defined points and the kind of threads that will provide sufficient strength. They can also penetrate even the hardest types of wood. Wood screws can be defined by the point at the end, which makes it possible to bore into any type and adhere to optimal strength regardless of the situation or project.

Wood Screw Head Types

When narrowing down the different characteristics of wood screws, perhaps the most important aspect is choosing the right head type. There are a variety of shapes and drive types. That said, there are four different screw head types to be aware of.

Phillps head screws. The single most common type of screw head you will find. These have greater functionality than the flathead option. Even better, Phillips head screws can be secured in a variety of different materials. The only downside is slipping. If there is slipping when screwing, it will result in the screw becoming damaged and very difficult or outright impossible to turn.

Flathead screws. Just as common as Phillips head screws. The slot is a simple line across the top of the head. The slot can be turned to provide easier, more consistent penetration into the material.

Square drive. These aren’t quite as common as Phillips or Flathead, but they do have a variety of advantages. Though they are a tad more expensive, the square head allows for greater torque without the chance of slippage that comes with using one of the aforementioned options.

Star head screws. The least common but they are becoming quite popular when it comes to woodworking applications. Star head screws provide a greater reliability than most of the other head types. Additionally, they are able to accommodate a ton of torque, great for when more force is required.

A Versatile Fastener

At the end of the day, wood screws are one of the most versatile fasteners you will find. Whether you are an amateur DIYer or work in the construction industry, these are going to be commonplace. Getting familiar with this fastener type will have you prepared to choose the right one each time.

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