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Laurel Essential Oil: What Are Its Benefits?

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel essential oil is often confused with Bay oil since they have several similar properties. But what most people don’t know is that both oils are derived from different plants. Where Laurel oil is derived from Bay Laurel Tree, there, Bay oil is extracted from Pimenta racemose. The Bay Laurel Tree is an evergreen shrub that is found in the Mediterranean and the black sea region. Both Greeks and Romans have regarded these Laurel leave to be immensely sacred. This Laurel essential oil comes with a long list of health benefits. Here, we are going to share with you some of the benefits of Laurel oil. 

Health Benefits of Laurel Essential Oil:

Benefits to the Respiratory System: 

The Laurel essential oil is known to have several benefits including relieving the respiratory system. Inhaling this essential oil has proved beneficial for clearing up excess Phlegm & mucus in respiratory tracts, relieving congestion of the nasal passage. All you have to do is diffuse bay laurel oil in a diffuser or vaporizer and inhale the aroma to enjoy all these benefits. 

Regulating Menstrual Flow:

Laurel essential oil is also known to have benefits in regulating Menstrual Flow. All those women who are stuck with irregular menstrual cycles or improper ones can benefit a lot from, Laurel essential oil. To get these benefits, all you have to do is dilute the oil with your choice of carrier oil in a 1:1 ratio and massage it onto your abdominal area for pain relief and to stimulate the menstrual flow. 

Pian Relief: 

Another very important benefit of Laurel essential oil is that it offers pain relief. Since this essential oil is known for its analgesic qualities, it acts as a strong pain relieve for people going through joint problems due to arthritis, rheumatism, gout, or soreness. This has also proven helpful for migraine pain. To get these benefits, you have to dilute the oil with a carrier oil and massage it to the area where you feel pain. 

Healing the wounds 

Laurel oil is also known for its antiseptic properties. Thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, this oil makes a good addition to your first aid box. Applying this oil to clean the wounds can help prevent any chances of infections which in turn speeds up the healing process, preventing any complications. Remember to not use the oil directly. Make sure that you dilute the oil first. 


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