Top Things You Should Do When Visiting Trivandrum


Trivandrum is the capital of the southern state of India named Kerala. This place is popular for its idyllic beaches and wealthy culture because of which it pulls tourists from all over the country. Trivandrum is even one of the cleanliest cities in the country. Even after being the capital city as well as one of the most developed places of the state it is still tranquil and peaceful [place.  Hill stations, calm beaches, backwaters and even lagoons make this place an ideal holiday destination.  Once you are there, you can do reservation with Classic Sarovar Portico Trivandrum for a comfortable stayover.

Remember this region of this state is even well known for its overall diverse flora and fauna and is also a prime attraction for medical tourists who seek learning Ayurveda. Once you are visiting this place, you should visit and do things that the post is going to share with you:

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple that is located inside the East Fort in the soul of Trivandrum is devoted to Lord Vishnu. The temple is well-known for having the deity in the eternal sleep posture. It is even considered to be holy by the Hindus who come to worship the deity all year long. Similarly known for being one of the one hundred eight abodes of Lord Vishnu the temple is embroidered by murals and even stone carvings. The vibe at this temple is really spiritual and calming. You would have a peaceful and stunning time once you visit this temple.

Kovalam Beach

Being the most well-known beach of Kerala, Kovalam beach definitely is a main attraction for the travelers and visitors. The influential palm, a long coastline, even a lighthouse on the shore, clear waters and distant horizon is the ideal description for this place. One can indulge into activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing, catamaran rides and cycling on the beach. Admiring the gorgeous sunsets and the losing them to the charming hues of the skies is a complete delight for all beach admirers.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Well, if you love nature and all then this place is surely a great spot for you. Head to Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary for relishing nature in its true shape, it is residence to various endangered species, surely a must-visit place for wildlife enthusiasts too. The sanctuary even organizes proper Lion Safaris and even the chance for two-day treks with the availability of diverse lodging options. Hence, you can be sure that the place gets you a natural bonanza for sure.

Moreover, this spot has a lot of herbal and even medical plants that might be of interest for one as well as all. Among other, the crocodile farm, even the deer park, and the lion safari are premium attractions to the overall Neyyar wildlife sanctuary.  About the splendid Neyyar Dam, the Neyyar river is situated within the boundaries of the wildlife sanctuary. In the overall reservoir of the dam, you can certainly relish the boating facility that would definitely add this to your list of visiting in this region.


Agasthyakoodam or even called the Agastya Mala received its name from The Hindu sage Agastya, one of the Saptrishis of the Puranas in Hinduism. The hill-station is even well-known for its rare herbs that are of high level of medical value that are discovered on the slopes of the hill. Diverse in its overall flora and fauna it even is a delight for the bird-watchers. Agasthyakoodam is the second highest in Kerala and is even the origin of the river Karamana that fulfils the water requirements of the city. You surely would have a good time in this place.

Shanghumugham Beach

After having visited one of the beaches, you could feel that you must skip simply the other! Well, in case you are one of the ones who is thinking the same, then you should be very confident that you get that out of the head right now! It is not the sea as well as the sand that may make you love the place, but it is even the charm and beauty that the beach has and the massive sculpture of a Nymph that might surprise you to the fullest! In case that was not really enough, then there is even a restaurant! The exciting part is that the restaurant therein is shaped like a starfish! This definitely requires to be on your wish list of spots to visit in Trivandrum! The perfect time to visit the place is during the time of evening once one can relish the true delight of the place, that is the overall sunset!

The place is abstemiously crowded across the week. However, Sundays and holidays have somewhat special attraction linked to it, as the locals of this place visit the beach on such days. During rituals, you can even find ritual washing of temple idols in the splendid water. You will definitely find it somewhat distinct. Such places to visit in the realm of Trivandrum Will Make Your Inner-Self contented.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

This spot is situated just beside the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The sightseeing spot of Trivandrum holds with itself numerous resources from the past, most of them are somewhat the royal collection of the rulers that have lived at this place in the past. This place is well-known for traditional Travancore-style architecture. Once within this particular place, one can witness the craftsmanship of the workers who have really worked there in the past. The gentle carvings by the craftsmen show how delicately they have actually had worked upon each piece to make them absolutely worthy of what they are in the present time. The sloping roofs, even overhanging attics, and pillar-lined courtyards aid to enhance the overall appearance of the museum.

The collections in this specific museum, includes the likes of paintings, Kathakali mannequins overall beautiful traditional furniture, and Belgian mirrors. The two royal thrones that are present in the museum are also going to make this place sufficiently worthy to be among the finest possible places to visit in Trivandrum. In general, this is one place that holds the history with itself, but coupled with a touch of beauty. 


To sum up, you can check out the amazing places of Trivandrum and have a relaxing stay at Classic Sarovar Portico Trivandrum. This will ensure that you get the perfect and fulfilling experience for you.

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