4 Reasons Why Mobile Games are so Popular Today

Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry is one of the most rapidly advancing ones, showing high success rates and popularity throughout the world. Since early 2010, mobile games have taken over the gaming market. Although these early mobile games were simplistic and difficult to access, modern games have now shifted to portable mobile phones technology, such as on mobile phones and tablets.

As new and latest trends emerge in the mobile gaming industry, the usage and popularity of these games are also showing an upswing. But why is mobile gaming so popular in recent times? What factors drive the growth and popularity of these mobile games? Let us find out.

Factors Impacting the Popularity of Mobile Games

  • Shifts in Technology

The last few decades have witnessed massive shifts in technology and mobile technology is one of the many technologies which have grown in popularity. The 1990s was a time when mobile devices were introduced that were capable of handling games. However, the earliest models of mobile phones, such as Blackberry and PDAs, were originally formulated as business tools. This restricted the potential of game developers.

The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 changed the perception surrounding mobile devices. As the perception of mobile phones as a technology for everyone took hold, a new possibility for mobile gaming emerged. In 2013, the US market statistics revealed that there were over 200 million active iOS and Android devices, but only 70 million PS3s. In addition, the high level of portability and accessibility of mobile games has attracted people who previously may not have considered themselves game players.

  • The Boom of Apps on Mobile Devices

The mobile gaming industry has shown a massive popularity boom, mainly owing to the convenience offered by apps. Apps are small programs that you can download directly from the Play Store such as Google Play store and iOS Play store. All you need to do is to install them on your device and create an account by filling in your data. It is estimated that out of 2.7 billion game players, approximately 66% connect to their favorite games through apps.

The popularity and usage of apps have risen to such an extent that there are apps for every kind of game–from shooters to casinos, and soccer to wrestling games. In addition, these apps offer a seamless game-playing experience to their users. Moreover, they can be enjoyed 24/7, wherever an internet connection is available. Although apps and video games may require video game translation services for downloading by foreign players, these apps make sure game players can enjoy game playing on the go.

  • The Advantages of Costs and Funding

Another reason for the success of mobile games is the production costs. Mobile games are easier to distribute than traditional games and are also less expensive to develop overall. As mobile games do not have the capability of detailed cinematic graphics, they solely rely on their characteristics to attract the audience. For example, some commonly appealing traits of games are fun backstories or innovative mechanics. However, since these traits are easier to code than detailed graphics, even small teams can develop them. This implies that few people are required to run a company, hence the low overhead costs. In addition, mobile games require less code overall, which speeds up their production time. Although a website translation company may be required to translate the games, it still may require less capital overall.

Owing to these reasons, mobile games generally require an investment of only a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, traditional console games require a capital of approximately 50 million. Perhaps this is the reason why the mobile industry has attracted small game developers, enabling the market to grow rapidly.

  • Subscriptions and Social Media Push

One of the fastest-growing global media channels is social media. Social media is an ideal way to create a community online and draw attention to different titles. Owing to the popularity of social media channels across the globe, mobile games have now reached the level of established console and PC titles. Hence, the creation of a social structure is essential to extend the game’s reach. This also ensures people are involved in the gaming experience. The future looks bright for the mobile game as about two-thirds of the top 50 mobile game titles offer social features to their audience.

Subscription systems are another means to gain real revenue for mobile games. Although the game may be completely free, the inclusion of revenue-generating systems, like paid removal of advertising, marks the difference between a good title and an excellent one.

Key Takeaway

Mobile games are one of the most popular and rapidly growing genres of technology these days. However, these games rely on the internet connection for gameplay, and the advantages of mobile games far outweigh the cons. In addition, to ensure that games spread across the globe, game developers need to contact expert website localization services for the translation of these games. Likewise, the low costs of production, and the rise of social media, all contribute to the success of mobile games in recent times.

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