5 Ways You Can Use Thanksgiving Appliqué

thanksgiving embroidery
Thanksgiving is the act of reflecting on the blessings and appreciating others for their good deeds. There are various events on which you may give out tokens of appreciations including thanksgiving embroidery.

Appreciate employees 

If you are hosting a dinner with your employees, you can take advantage of the event to thank them with beautiful embroidery designs. Such gifts will create a memorable event that your working crew will live to remember you. Employees will love customized gifts and will remember your business every time they see those presents.

Choosing gifts for employees is not easy but you can do it in the following ways:

  • Find out what your workers do apart from spending hours in the office all day long. 
  • Know their different tastes and preferences.
  • Look for fun designs that focus on other things besides working
  • Distribute the gifts fairly to motivate your working crew
  • Don’t worry about the cost; it’s your efforts that matter the most


If you have received a wedding invitation from a close friend, it means that person values you and you must return the favor with a gift. Sometimes, you get caught up in your own schedule that attending the wedding becomes impossible. If that is the case, you should show your regrets by sending a thanksgiving design to the couple. Choose an appliqué that rhymes with the wedding theme or something that resembles a wedding cake.

Birthday party

Gifts are expected during a birthday party particularly when it’s a child’s birthday. An appliqué design related to the theme party would be appreciated.

Engagement party

Your friend is getting engaged soon and you have been invited. Take this chance to thank them for the invitation. If the invitation letter does not specify about gifts, call your friend and inquire if you may carry gifts. If yes, find out the theme of the occasion so that you choose appropriate embroidery as a small token of admiration for your friend’s engagement

Dinner party

Your boss invites you to his dinner party. It is okay to carry a gift with you. The gesture is considered good etiquette and you should find an appliqué that suits your boss’ lifestyle.

Congratulate a graduate

Whether you will attend the graduation ceremony or not, you are expected to carry a gift. Even if the party is not formal, find a thanksgiving present in form of embroidery to congratulate the graduate.

Have you been wondering when to offer someone a thanksgiving embroidery gift? If you are stuck on how to handle the thanksgiving mystery, use the above tips to solve your dilemmas. Don’t forget to download thanksgiving appliqué designs for more inspirations. Embroidery designs are perfect gifts for spreading the cheer. You can wrap them nicely in plastic and use colorful ribbons to tie them up and the receiver will appreciate them.

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