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sex roleplay

Top 20 Erotic Role-Play Ideas to Spice-up Your Relation

Sexual life is a very important part of everyone’s life. There are lots of fancy sex toys available in the market to spice-up things but nothing can beat the erotic role-playing. Erotic or sexual role-play has become a trend amongst the new couples. But some of us still are not familiar with it. It involves …

Cultured Meat Consumption
Health & Fitness

7 Potential Benefits of Cultured Meat Consumption.

The world is initiating change in many ways. The evolution of lab-grown meat or cultured food is one such way. This idea is expected to create a more eco-friendly and humane meat industry. The reason why cultured meat is growingly becoming popular is that it does not support animal slaughtering. It gets produced from a …

Curcumin Market
Health & Fitness

Curcumin Market Current Scenario & Post COVID-19 Impact

Curcumin is one of the bioactive curcuminoid compounds that is present in turmeric. It is considered as the main ingredient of turmeric because almost 75% of the active curcuminoid compounds are curcumin. Curcuminoid comprises certain composites such as BDMC and THC and also possesses a variety of therapeutic properties like immune stimulatory, cognitive enhancement etc. …

Filigree Rings

List of Top 10 Filigree Rings for your Wedding Day

What comes to mind when you think of a filigree ring? The royal form of design reminds of the kings and queens dynasty and their lifestyle. This is absolutely what filigree rings dictate. Their name is derived from Latin words that were inspired by their designs. ‘Filum’ and ‘granum’ which means ‘wire’ and ‘seeds’. A …

15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric
Health & Fitness

15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric That Everyone Must Be Known

Turmeric is referred to as the golden spice in Ayurveda and it’s called the Indian saffron. They were widely found in Asia and Central American regions. The active component found in turmeric is Curcumin; they have the potential ability and are widely used in the traditional Ayurvedic system on knowing the several nutritional facts of …

beauty benefits of green tea
Health & Fitness

List of Top 10 Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is undoubtedly the most healthy and popular beverages on this planet. Besides enriching individuals with a myriad of health benefits, green tea also encloses a bunch of beauty benefits. When you walk into a cosmetics store, there is no chance that you do not find products consisting of green tea. It is no …