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Tried and Tested Tips From Experienced Professional to Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

Office carpet cleaning

How to keep carpets in your office clean

A clean carpet provides enough mileage in making an office space feel like cosy and home-like. The soft covering of a carpet on a laminate or just hard flooring offers great comfort under the feet at any professional place. But an office carpet also has to withstand a lot of foot traffic day in and day out compared to the carpets used at homes. As a result, carpets used in offices usually wear out faster than those at homes. A carpet – unlike almost any other standard décor item – is more of a long term purchase and is also more of an investment. Thus it is always better if you take a good care of it and maintain it properly especially considering the long run. In the following sections of this post let us explore few tried and tested hacks to keep the carpets at your office or commercial premise clean, cosy and inviting.

Invest in a good quality lint remover

A lint remover made of metal proves to be a helpful tool to pick up any loose dirt or hair from the fibres of a carpet. In fact you will be surprised to know how fittingly a metal scrapper suits the job! If there is any furry friend in your office who gives you and your team company then this particular tip is simply indispensible for you. With a little scrapping using a good quality lint remover a lot of dirt will come up from your carpet and the best part about this procedure is it is as simple and hassle-free as you can imagine.

According to a trained and experienced professional who provides the service of office carpet cleaning in London over the years all you have to do is just keep scraping the lint remover repeated over an area of your carpet that you want to clean. And just watch what pulls up! This is a great way to clean small spots on a carpet without the use of any toxic chemical. However this is not a cleaning option which provides full coverage unless obviously you can undertake the task of laborious scrapping.

Strategically place doormats

Door mats are a simple solution to avoid large messes on a carpet but unfortunately the solution of doormats is often overlooked at offices. If you want your office carpet spick and span it is important to place doormats at every strategic point; for example placing a doormat at every entrance of your office space can easily catch any dusty, damp or muddy feet from outside. The soles of our shoes easily catch up every kind of dirt that exists and grind it into the fibres of your carpet. Wiping the soles of the shoes on the doormat is also a good idea to keep your carpets clean longer.

Maintain a thorough vacuuming schedule

Thorough and regular vacuuming caters to the longer life of any carpet and so it is important to maintain a thorough vacuuming schedule with carpets. Vacuuming does not work magic on tougher dirt, but it easily picks up anything and everything that are likely to become embedded in course of time. Regular vacuuming of carpets prevents build up of dirt and dust in the first place and the deeper these build-ups grow (that is lengthier you keep ignoring removing these build-ups) the more difficult those prove to remove.

Ideally you should vacuum your carpet thoroughly once every two weeks covering every square inch of its space both vertically and horizontally. Vacuuming a carpet several times at one go ensures you have not mistakenly left any spot untouched explains a professional who deals with office carpet cleaning near me in London over the years. Moreover it also ensures all the dirt that could have been lifted has been removed from the carpet. Maintaining a cleaning timetable is a helpful approach to maintain an organised and thorough cleaning.

Rugs complement carpets better than nothing else

Certain areas of a workspace normally handle more traffic than the rest and carpet in those areas suffer the maximum wear and tear. This indicates in course of time over years of daily use certain zones or spots of a carpet wear out more than the rest. It is not only possible but also easy to prevent this wearing – just add a second layer over the carpet at those high traffic areas. His second layer could ideally be a rug which can also be decorative other than playing its protective role. 

Furniture coasters prevent indentations

Here is another tip to extend the life of your carpet; use furniture coasters. Actually furniture coasters are nothing but weight balancers which are meant to be placed under places that come under high impact or strain. These coasters reduce any marking once furniture is removed from its position. But how do you deal with an indentation if it is already there on spot? You can use a cube of ice for the purpose; just place the ice cube on the affected spot and leave it to melt. Once the ice melts it is time to blot the area, you can also fluff up with a towel. Once the spot dries up brush the area thoroughly and you get it back in shape again explain professionals who provide the service of office carpet cleaning services near me over the years. Thus heavy chairs and desks do not need to leave permanent imprint on your carpet.

You should never leave any mess to attend later

Our carpets have suffered in almost every possible way – spillage of drinks, dropping a plant pot to spill soil across every corner to almost every other kind of mess that you can imagine. In most of those circumstances we plan to take up the cleaning later and prioritise our normal schedules and deadlines. But a mess or a spill that is left without cleaning is never good news for any carpet. With time the substance that seeps deeper into the fibres of the carpet which makes bringing it out even more difficult. 

So, how do you avoid this crisis? Highly trained and skilled professionals working at the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London have a tried and tested suggestion to avoid the mess in the first place. According to them you must attend any mess on your carpet immediately without leaving it for the future. Secondly you should dab the mess out of the carpet surface as much as it is possible; remember not to scrub it because that way you may push the mess deeper into the fibres. It is also important to use a different cleaning solution to deal with different kinds of spillage. 

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