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Germanybased aipowered 20m seriescoldeweytechcrunch

Germanybased aipowered 20m seriescoldeweytechcrunch

Lengoo, a Germany-based AI-powered startup, has raised a 20 million euro Series C round led by ColdeweyTechCrunch. The investment was made to support Lengoo’s AI-powered platform, which helps companies to optimize their content and make it more effective. Lengoo is currently being used by more than 1,000 companies in over 30 countries. germanybased aipowered 20m …

Online Learning Tools

Importance of Online Learning Tools

Long days, hefty backpacks, and loud bells announcing the conclusion of lessons are no longer common in schools. With more technology available in and out of the classroom, online learning tools represent a new frontier. Thanks to online learning tools, students may now attend class from anywhere they choose. They comprise a wide range of …

artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Future of Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the main pillar of every sphere of life. Thanks to the advancement of technology, this technology have not only captivated health, sports, and entertainment, but it also has had a profound impact on the field of education. While Artificial Intelligence has fueled productivity, it has changed the course of human …

best workout apps

How to Choose the Best Fitness and Workout App for You

With so many fitness and workout apps on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Do you want an app that tracks your progress over time? One that gives you personalized workout recommendations. One that lets you connect with friends.  Choosing the right app can make all the difference in …

Best Telephone Entry System

The Best Telephone Entry System for Your Apartment

Swiftlane prioritizes your safety, which is why they can offer you the Best Telephone entry system for your apartment. Continue reading if you are unfamiliar with the telephone entry system and its significance. A telephone entry system is a device that allows you to communicate with visitors who want to enter your home or apartment. …

Essay Rewriter

7 Best Essay Rewriter Tool to Try in 2022

Did you just search for the best essay rewriter tool? Congratulations! You’ve reached the right station. Below, we’ve included a list of the top sentence and paragraph rewriting tools that don’t alter the intended meaning. The information that is generated will be original and simple to read. Writing academic stuff or for blogs requires a …

social media

Social Media Audience: 3 Effective Ways to Outline the Target Market

The target market is the first suspect that needs to be developed by any potential businesses so that they can identify the particular group of consumers who can be attracted to their products or services.  Each of these factors can be effectively decided based on certain parameters that range across demographic and behavioral as well …

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Usage in Education

Technology, such as the I-net and mobile phones, has transformed many industries. AI is not a new invention. It was talked about in fiction novels, and in movies, they predicted its arrival. With AI, education has been changed and experts forecast that AI will alter how teachers operate in the classroom and how they interact …

What are the benefits of choosing Magento over any other Technology

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Magento Over Any Other Technology

The eCommerce app industry is the most successful in today’s world, especially during the harsh pandemic. Magento development technology is the best choice to make the eCommerce platform successful. There are many benefits for using Magento technology, which is being neglected as the base of an eCommerce platform. The eCommerce platform is considered the most …