How to Make Kombucha At Home?

You can practically make everything you would normally buy from shops in the comfort of your home. Some of the easiest food items to make include how to make coconut milk, cheese, butter and the powder drink called kombucha. Kombucha is known by health enthusiasts as a life drink that you cannot get enough of. It is packed with minerals and nutrients that play a huge part in the functioning of the body. Since the drink is naturally fermented, it contains live bacteria that aid in digestion, improving mood and combating the annoying yeast infection. It also contains Glucaric acid that helps the liver is functioning normally and in detoxifying itself.
The drink can be bought in healthy and organic shops but you risk not getting the real thing with this and that is why many people prefer preparing it themselves. It is a bit of a process but is totally worth it and you can be guaranteed a healthy drink any day and time.

How to make kombucha at home

First and foremost you need to ensure that everything you use is absolutely clean. This is to prevent any harmful bacteria and fungi from getting in hence making your Kombucha recipe dangerous.
What you’ll need
Scoby also was known as a starter piece
¼ cup of quality sugar
1-liter water
2 black/green tea bags
Kombucha fermenting pot
Boil the water then add the tea bags then turn off the heat and let the tea settle for then remove the tea bags from the mixture.
Once the tea has cooled down for a couple of minutes, add the sugar and stir till it all dissolves.
Let the tea stay at room temperature till it has cooled completely then transfer to another jar.
Take the Scoby together with the liquid it was in and stir well. Take a clean cloth and rubber band and seal off the mixture.
Leave the tea to ferment for about 10 days depending on the weather of the place. The tea ferments faster in warmer weather. To make sure you get the taste you are going for, taste the tea at 3 days to help you approximate. It should taste a bit sour with a sugary taste at the end.
You know that the kombucha is ready when a new SCOBY has formed and when the taste is to your preference.
Take out the new SCOBY and about 100ml of the liquid which you can use to start another batch if you want by repeating the process you used to make. Remember that the new SCOBY may be attached to the old one so you can easily peel it off and store it for making some more kombucha later.
If you want your kombucha to be fizzier, you should add some liquid to a glass bottle and close tightly. Leave it undisturbed at room temperature for 2 days and then you can easily store it in the fridge.
The other kombucha you had made can also be stored in the refrigerator for as long as you would like.
Homemade kombucha is the best thing to have since you have the ability to control the quality of the drink that you will get. You can also continue fermenting for longer if you prefer that taste. It is a simple enough procedure once you get all the required ingredients but after making your first batch, you will never lack kombucha again.

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