Is It Worth Switching From Your Regular Vape Juice To A Premium One: Truth Behind The Hype!

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You love to vape, for sure! But have you thought of switching from your regular e-vape juice to a premium one? Or is it just a hoax that it’s only the brand that people are excited about?

But when we contacted some pro vapers, they agreed that premium vape juices are worth every dollar spent. So to vape the best, they feel it’s completely fine to spend a dollar or two per ml. But people are regular vapers, or trying to get rid of the tobacco habit might still find it absurd and hard to pay so much for a single smoke. 

The cost comes from the flavor:

The vape juice brand has four ingredients. 

  • nicotine, 
  • vegetable glycerin (VG), 
  • propylene glycol (PG), 
  • Flavoring.

While the VG and PG might remain the same, and the good quality nicotine also remains the same, depending on if you buy it from a good place, it’s the premium vape juice that distinguishes it from other brands. 

It depends upon the vendors if they want to label their products as premium or not.

Reasons why flavor commands the price of premium vape juices:

  • The vendors who sell premium juices can direct their prices since they can create and mix the flavors. 
  • The packaging also influences the price, using glass or plastic bottles or pre steeping or curing juice.
  • The glass bottles will be more costly, while long-time vapers will know that pre-steeped e-juices are better than non-cured ones. 
  • It’s a preference, but we never heard someone say that they spent so much on vape juices they didn’t find worth it.

How are premium juices created?

The main essence begins with the tone of the experience for that liquid. Let’s assume the cherry flavor:

  • The cherry flavor is seasoned in a vegetable glycerin base. 
  • The high-quality cherry flavor is purchased from a reputable manufacturer and wholesaler.
  • The e-juice designer adds additional flavors to enhance and supplement the base of the cherry.
  • The addition enhances the e-liquid mixer, creating a desired profile. The resultant can be a bit spicy or sweet, anything that determines the goal of the e-liquid. 
  • The premium juices need to create a memorable and rich experience that has a sweet aftertaste for quite some time. 
  • The juice can satiate the sweet tooth and create an everlasting effect on the taste buds. The perfect dilute is a perfect palette of subtle and robust flavors.

The cheap e-liquid often fails to give any additional flavor after the initial taste. For lasting aftermath, you must try premium vape juices online. 

Is it worth spending on Premium E-Juices?

Well, we say we leave it to you. If you are consuming the regular ones, why not give a shot to premium ones. You can browse online for reviews, so you know if you are missing out on something great or not?

You can consider the price to be a little hefty, for it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources that go into creating it.

Regular does not mean low quality; it just means common flavors without providing much experimenting.