Choose The Perfect Blonde Human Hair Wigs For Your Skintone

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1000 celebrities decided to get on the blonde bandwagon last year! Alright, I came up with a dummy number, but you get the point. We have seen many people transition to lovely blonde hair goddesses in the last year alone than ever before! Women are owning up to their power. They’re embracing big bold changes, mightily! 

Think about it, when you feel like you need a new change, what is it that you first think of? I’m willing to bet, revamping your hair color. And then maybe for whatever reason, you decide not to make a dramatic shift. Or perhaps just “start” with some mild highlights or keep the blonde to the ends. 

I understand your concerns about frying your hair with bleach, but I assure you, you have other ways of expressing your fun personality without getting a permanent color. This is precisely why this article will tell you how to get the best blonde human hair wig for your skin tone

Selecting the right blonde that suits your skin.

Before you go online to select the right blonde wig for yourself, it’s important to note the skin tone you have so  you can select a wig that’s perfect for your complexion. Here’s a simple way you can check that:

  1. Warm or cool undertone

There are many ways you can use to check if you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin. One of them includes looking at your jewelry: do you have more silver pieces than gold? 

Silver generally goes well with cool undertone skin. You would have naturally gravitated towards buying more such pieces if you have a cool undertone. If you see an equal mix of the two, it’s likely you are neutral toned. Lucky you, a lot of blonde notes would suit you.

Another sure-fire way to know your skin tone is by looking at the colour of your veins in your wrists. Greenish veins are telltale signs of you having a warm undertone. Bluish veins show you that you have  a cool undertone. If you can’t figure out the colour because they’re bluish green/ greenish blue, you’re neutral toned. 

  1. Have a look at your eye colour

This step is necessary to know how much of a sharp contrast you are looking for while selecting a wig that’s perfect for you. A soft and multi-tonal change would compliment your light eyes. But if you are looking for that sharp contrast of lighter blonde hair with dark eyebrows and deep brown eyes, then more power to you for being extremely vogue!

  1. Wigs for cool undertones

Commonly speaking, cool delicate blonde shades like ash blonde, beige or even baby-blonde would look amazing on paler, pinky skin tones. Think platinum blonde, smokey blond, blush blonde or champagne tones. Whatever you do, steer clear of yellowish tones as it could pull focus from your lovely face and make you look unwell.

  1. Wigs for warm undertones

Darker or more golden skin would be adorned with a beautiful butter blonde, or a caramel or golden toned wig. Think honey hues for that warm tress-embrace. Steer clear of cool tones as it would clash with your skintone.

Now that we have shown you how to select the right blonde shade for your skin, go ahead and rock the new trends in hair without the guilt of damaging your hair with bleach. Whether you decide you want a curly hair wig or go for a shorter bob cut wig or pixie cut, or if you want to get the platinum blonde look, get a blonde human hair wig to switch up your style as often as you like without any damage to your hair! Best part? It’s human hair, so you don’t worry about your hair looking unnatural. Also, switch up your wardrobe with different wigs. You can get the best hair wigs here.

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