Custom Pie Boxes: Perfect Way to Pack Your Product

custom pie boxes

Are you looking for custom pie boxes manufactured in the USA? If yes, then this article will provide you some vital information. In this article we will discuss the advantages of customizing a pastry box for shipping and customized packing. Plus, how printers are the most reliable destination to source such boxes. Here you will have great pie boxes manufactured in the USA.

Quality Packaging Boxes

If you want to send a variety of delicious pies right from your kitchen then it is best to ship them in quality packaging boxes. These pie boxes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes according to individual requirements. Moreover, you are also able to modify their shape, size, color, and amount as per your requirements.

Shapes of Custom Pie Boxes

The standard shapes of custom pie boxes come in round, rectangular and square shape. Moreover, there are also custom shapes available like the heart shape and heart-shaped boxes. They are usually manufactured in colors like yellow, red, black and white. This simply denotes that these packaging solutions come in varied shapes and colors. Some of these boxes come with transparent covering while some have transparent covering and transparent partitions too. Such boxes can be custom molded according to the requirements of the customer.

Custom Pie Boxes

You may also find some unique features of custom pie boxes that are appealing to the customers. For instance, there are eye-catching printed tops, bottoms and backs that add-up to the attractive look of these pastry boxes. Some of these printed tops are laminated with foil, which provides a nice touch to them. Likewise, the other eye-catching add-ons are attached with ribbons, laces and sequins.

Custom Pie Boxes

Eye-Catching Features

As far as eye-catching features are concerned, the market has numerous choices to offer you. For instance, if you want something appealing that is colorful, you may go for cherry red custom pie packaging. Some of these boxes are embossed with different designs and patterns. If you want a more conventional look, you may go for brown, black and white eye-catching packaging. However, if you want your packaging to be eye-catching but yet affordable then a transparent translucent box style is the best choice. With such box styles, the consumers are able to view the contents of the box easily and get a clear idea of the quality and freshness of the products.

Maintaining the Freshness

In addition to eye-catching features, custom pie boxes also serve the purpose of protecting your baked product from harmful elements. These can be placed in the freezer so that the ingredients don’t melt. Moreover, these boxes are extremely helpful in maintaining the freshness of your product especially when packed in small spaces. These are designed in such a way that they maintain a perfect balance between moisture and heat, keeping the product safe and moisture free. In addition to this, these boxes are exceptionally durable and can be used for long period of time; therefore, your baked goods will not lose their flavor and aroma.

Quality Material

Apart from all these reasons, custom boxes have a very high durability and quality material; hence, they are ideal for storing any type of baked products. When it comes to quality material, you need to always opt for boxes made of quality material. There are several types of boxes available in the market and one of them is custom printed pie box. Such boxes are made of quality material and are extremely durable as compared to other boxes.

Plastic Packing Boxes

Finally, while selecting these boxes, you should keep certain factors in mind. First of all, if you want your product to remain fresh and taste the same as when it was bought, you should select a box which has a thicker paper. In addition to this, do not go for plastic packing boxes as they are more likely to develop mold. In order to maintain freshness of the baked products for long, it is essential that you purchase boxes which have laminated surface. To increase the shelf life of your custom pie packaging boxes, make sure that you purchase boxes made of glass.

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