How To Travel From New Jersey Cities Close to NYC

How To Travel From New Jersey Cities Close to NYC

New Jersey and New York City are only a few miles apart, separated only by the Hudson River. Getting NYC to New Jersey and vice versa is pretty simple because of the number of transit available. The New Jersey Cities close to NYC are not even an hour away. But the number of transport options available can confuse any regular traveler. So whether you are riding on the train, bus, or taking a boat, here are some convenient ways to travel from New Jersey to NYC.

NJ Transit Train Lines.

The New Jersey Rail System is the second most crowded rail system in the US. That means you won’t even find a difficult to find a train to your destination. There are several trains traveling to various parts of Jersey close to NYC. The travelers can visit the travel website for updated information on the train schedule, including arrival and departure. 

The websites also update about the adjustments and recent changes in the train schedules. 

The 11 NJ Transit Train routes have a different line covering almost all parts of Northern New Jersey and drop the travelers into Penn Station. Trains are the comfortable, reliable, and convenient transportation mode that would cost you anywhere, starting from $5 depending on the destinations.  

PATH Train

PATH Train is an underground, high-speed system running out of Hoboken, Harrison, Jersey City, and Newark that connects New Jersey riders to Lower and Midtown Manhattan. It links the passengers to some NYC Subway stations and various other transport systems in New Jersey. It’s advanced, modern, and a fun way to reach and get out of Manhattan. 


It may seem a little less attractive way of traveling in terms of cost-effectiveness, but moving from New Jersey Cities close to NYC is not as hectic as you think. If you are careful about avoiding peak hour traffic, traveling by car can be the easiest and fastest traveling mode. If you are traveling through the Northern New Jersey route, it will be easier to take Tappen Zee Bridge or George Washington Bridge to enter New York. While if you are coming a bit from the southern part, the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels are easily accessible. The best parts of NJ close to NYC can be easily reached by car. 

NJ Transit Bus

Depending on the destination you are traveling from, taking a bus from the New York City Port Authority Terminal can be the easiest mode. Getting in and out of New York by bus is the cheapest mode travelers can opt for. Catching a bus during off-peak hours or on a regular day can get you to the city at a fast speed. But beware of the infamous traffic of New Jersey; it can be unpredictable. So, always save yourself some extra time to cope with the traffic.  

If you are traveling from a New Jersey city close to NYC, you prefer to travel by car or take a ferry ride. The ferry can be the fastest commute to New York City. See how easy it is to do up-down even daily from NJ to NYC? Also, get familiar with all the routes before you choose to travel by a certain transit.