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In the Mood for Blue: Choosing Between Tanzanite and Sapphire (2023)

Tanzanite and Sapphire

Are you fascinated with blue gemstones and seeking jewelry with dark blue undertones? Tanzanite and sapphire are two options in the world of blue gemstones that you may already be familiar with. But, the question is which one to choose? We have a solution for you. So, continue reading to find the right option for you.

Although sapphire and tanzanite are both excellent choices, you should base your choice on some specific details. So, first, you analyze and then decide. Here are a few things to think about before you make a choice.

Tanzanite and Sapphire: Some Important Facts You Must Know

1. Understanding the Color Shades

Although each of these jewels is blue, isn’t there a way to tell them apart? There are, and you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of their color variations to figure that out. Sapphire comes in various hues, including pink, green, and others. However, one with a deep blue color has been used to create the most popular jewelry items. Again, tanzanite is not generally blue, but if you look closely, you can see it has a bluish-violet tint. Tanzanite gemstones come in a variety of other blue hues in addition to dark blue.

2. Which One is Harder

To make a durable choice, you must search for a tougher gemstone. Only diamonds can outperform sapphires in terms of toughness. Tanzanite, on the other hand, is considerably softer but still difficult to shatter. In this sense, both are excellent choices, but sapphire seems harder. So, decide and then pick your favorite colorful stone to design an amazing ornament.

3. Rarity

Another fact that you must be aware of is the rarity of both these gemstones. Sapphire is indeed a precious gemstone but not so hard to find. On the other hand, finding a tanzanite gemstone is difficult. So if you want to choose something that will always be valued due to its rarity, tanzanite is the stone for you.

4. What They Represent

Each gemstone has a unique meaning, and these exquisite jewels are no exception. A sapphire gemstone represents hope, integrity, and sincerity. Jewelry pieces made of tanzanite stand for honor and truth. Clearly, tanzanite and sapphire stones are not just beautiful gemstones but also express different meanings. Decide whether you want to go to a sapphire shop or any other jewelry store after first evaluating what attracts your mind.

5. Popularity

Choosing the right gemstone may also be based on its popularity. The popularity of blue sapphire gemstones has long been attributed to their associations with famous historical figures and royal families. So, indeed you will look elegant with your sapphire studded jewelry pieces. A tanzanite stone is prized for its rarity, and jewelry created with it will undoubtedly be valuable.

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Popular Tanzanite Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Collection

1. Tanzanite Cluster Ring

Knowing the popular jewelry items available also helps you decide which gemstone to look for. Therefore, you must know about this cluster ring, a fantastic accessory for your finger. Made with a cluster of tanzanite, the ring is an example of elegance which is also placed on a silver frame. So, for any occasion, this particular jewelry piece is a must-have.

2. Dangle Earrings

If you are looking for a bright bluish earring to turn heads, a pair of blue dangle earrings is a perfect fit. It is firmly fixed on a sterling silver structure, making it more durable. Also, its bright blue color and beautiful design will surely make you love it. Moreover, you can pair it with any outfit, which is ideal for any occasion. So, if you plan to shop personal jewelry, don’t forget about it. 

3. Tanzanite Pendant

The oval-shaped pendant is a beautiful choice for giving you an aura of royalty. Diamond is also used with tanzanite to give it the ideal form. Wear it with a silver chain to ensure that it continues shining and enhances your beauty. Moreover, carrying this pendant won’t be an issue, so you can also look for this kind of pendant.

Popular Sapphire Jewelry Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

1. Sapphire and moissanite ring

If you want to combine your gorgeous blue gemstone with any other precious stone, a ring of this type is perfect. The two halo rows around the sapphire are created with white moissanite. It’s a classic piece of jewelry you may wear to any event. So stop looking for sparkly blue rings and think about choosing this instead.

2. Necklace

Another gorgeous jewelry piece famous for providing brilliant radiance is a sapphire double-row tennis necklace. Undoubtedly, it is gorgeous and will never fail to attract eyes. It also has a panther-style spring lock which makes it more exotic. However, most such necklaces are crafted using multi-colored sapphire stones.

3. Floral Bracelet

If you are someone who likes to buy gorgeous-looking bracelets then you will surely love it. This floral bracelet stands for devotion and love and is a must-have for its unquestionable durability. You’ll also see the usage of white zircons to make such kinds of bracelets look outstanding. Moreover, it’s not at all burdensome for your wrist.

End note

Concluding when it comes to choosing the right gemstone requires proper analysis. Consider the information presented here, and you will undoubtedly find your answers. But we’ve made an effort to make this difficult process simpler.

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