Know Everything About Jobst Thigh High Compression Stockings

Jobst compression stockings

Who doesn’t want to buy jobst stockings online? Everyone does!

Jobst thigh high compression stockings are designed for basic compression therapy. These are the ones that apply delicate pressure to the ankles and legs so that the blood flow promotes from your legs towards your heart. These amazing Jobst compression stockings are also known to reduce swelling and pain in your legs and ankles. 

Read on to know how these Jobst compression stockings work for human beings!

Benefits of jobst compression stockings

Doctors advise Jobst compression stockings for a variety of reasons. Some of them are given below – 

  • To boost the circulation of blood in the legs 
  • To support your veins 
  • To help you prevent the blood from pooling or clotting in the blood veins 
  • To diminish the swelling of legs 
  • To prevent orthostatic hypotension that causes unsteadiness and lightheadedness whenever you stand 
  • To help you get rid of all types of ulcers 
  • To aid you in lessening the pain caused by the varicose veins 
  • To prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis in the legs 
  • To help you reverse venous hypertension 
  • To help you improvise lymphatic drainage 
  • To make sure that the blood flows in the whole body 

How do Jobst compression stockings work?

They work in a way that’s very unique i.e. by applying pressure to the ankles and legs that may –

Reduce the diameter of the veins by increasing the velocity and volume of blood flow

That might help the blood flow in the direction of the heart 

That will help you in preventing the blood flow in the refluxing downward position or laterally to the superficial veins

Types of compression stockings

Graduated compression stockings

In these types of stockings, the level of compression is the strongest towards the ankle and it gradually decreases when it reaches the top. These are the ones that are designed for mobility that could meet upto certain lengths with strong medical-specific requirements. These are amazing for a professional fitting in workplaces and office environments. These amazing stockings end up just below the knee and help in limiting the peripheral edema or the swelling in the lower leg due to the buildup of fluid. These are the stockings that extend to the waist or thighs to reduce the pooling of blood only in the legs and also helps in preventing orthostatic hypotension. There are so many online stores where you can buy these beautiful and functional Jobst compression stockings as per your color, choice, and preferences. 

Anti-embolism stockings

Anti-embolism stockings are a type of stockings that reduces the possibility of deep vein thrombosis in many humans. These are just like the graduated compression stockings in terms of providing gradient compression to the legs. The level of compression is quite different from them, though. These are made for humans who are not that mobile or the ones with restrictive movement. 

Non Medical support hosiery

This is not something that requires a prescription. It includes an elastic support hose with flight socks that are sold as a potential relief for their aching and tired legs. You’ll face uniform compression that exerts very little pressure on the prescription compression stockings. You can always find these in pharmacies or online stores. 


On the whole, it can be observed that Jobst compression stockings are good for the blood flow from the extremities to the heart. If your doctor ever prescribes you these stockings, always remember to get them fitted properly, follow all the instructions while putting them on, follow the doctor’s instructions, monitor and evaluate all the skin changes in a variety of areas whenever you come in contact with the stockings.