Nursing Jobs In California That Pay The Most

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The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that the average median registered nurse’s salary is $106,950. The Golden State of California also happens to employ more than 250,000 RNs in the nation. 

That healthcare jobs number is projected to increase to meet the demand of the rising population. California has stringent laws when it comes to RN to patient staffing ratios. With the population exceeding 10% of the nation’s population, California is actively seeking out competent RNs to fill the gap. Here are the best nursing jobs in California that can boost your career trajectory:

  1. CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)

Suppose you completed your master’s from an accredited nurse anesthesia education program and completed a national certification exam for the same. In that case, you could apply for this highly skilled job that allows you to work with anesthesiologists, surgeons, dentists, and podiatrists while earning an average salary of $208,559.

  1. General Nurse Practitioner

The job requires you to possess an MSN and a license to practice. Whether you then decide to open your practice, join hospitals, clinics, or urgent care centres, the world is your oyster! You can expect a yearly average of $126,890.

  1. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Does Mental Health intrigue you? An MSN and licensure as a psychiatric nurse practitioner is a great start. Expect an average salary of $144,772 as you work in hospitals, mental health units, in-patient psychiatric hospitals, or out-patient clinics.

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  1. Certified Nurse-Midwife

Get certified as a nurse-midwife and begin working in OB/GYN offices, clinics, hospitals, or open your clinic. With an average salary of $123,726 and the joy of aiding birthing, this is a fulfilling service.

  1. Pain Management Nurse

This is a nurse practitioner job in California that doesn’t require you to have an advanced education. You will work with patients suffering from chronic pain or pain post-surgery. An average salary of $126,838 for what you have already trained for, the job attracts many people.

  1. (CNS) Clinical Nurse Specialist

An MSN with a clinical nursing specialization will help you work in a specialized unit to treat various conditions or even specialize in a specific illness. This role draws an average of $121,379 a year.

Whether you are looking for nurse practitioner jobs or remote working jobs, be sure to expect the best nursing jobs in California with the above specializations.

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