The Importance of Steel Poles in Urban Environments

Steel poles

We tend to take some things for granted and next time you are out and about, take note of the steel poles you see. Truth is, they are everywhere, thanks to the many gadgets and devices we use in a hi-tech city environment, not to mention street lighting.

Street Lighting

State-of-the-art street lighting pole columns made with marine-quality steel look elegant and are tough enough to handle the Australian climate. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and dimensions, while they can be made to order, depending on the circumstances.

Surveillance Cameras

Like them or not, facial recognition is here to stay; you are tracked from the moment you leave your house until you arrive at your destination; some would say this is a breach of human rights, while others say if you have nothing to hide, what’s the issue? These devices are here to stay and the steel poles are designed to be unobtrusive. It seems that in order to accept this new norm, we have to agree to lose some of our freedom. Of course, there are those who are unhappy with the level of government surveillance and they are likely to continue to voice their displeasure.

Traffic Signs

Several signs can be fitted to a single pole; next time you are a passenger in a car, take note of how traffic signs are affixed, and you will see some innovation. The poles are coated with a special protective layer on top of the final coat of paint and are recoated every few years. Click here for information about concrete pouring.

Arena Illumination

Floodlights require solid steel frameworks, and you will find LED spotlights in many public places to illuminate the area. Large stadiums require high-powered light fittings that are very expensive and there are specialist companies that supply and install steel poles and columns for a wide range of uses.

Digital Screens

The next shift is from traditional signs to LCD screens; you only have to be in the CBD at night to see the influence of hi-res video; where will it end? No one really knows. The same poles are used wherever possible when LCD screens are installed; at present, it is only city centres where you find digital advertising, but we can expect this to change as cities expand.

Stylish & Elegant

Urban developers are well aware that the design of steel poles and columns needs to suit the immediate surroundings and they offer a diverse range of styles from antique to contemporary; some suppliers fabricate to order and work closely with local councils to manage and maintain urban zones and provide fixings for signs, cameras and lighting.

Here is some information on Australia’s street lighting strategies in 2024. The federal government take pride in the way cities look and there are constantly new ideas and ways to enhance urban environments.

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