Top 5 Domestic Violence Defense Strategies in Covid-19

When you are accused of domestic violence, people don’t care whether you are falsely accused or you are guilty, you are already stigmatized. You are already a criminal in the eyes of the society. It is a serious allegation. And, if you are convicted, repercussions are severe. The case becomes worse when you are accused of abusing your spouse.

Almost all districts have separate divisions for handling cases of domestic violence. Innocent or guilty, you have the right to present your case and prove your innocence.

However, you need to find a domestic violence defense attorney to handle your case. The attorney will use different defenses strategies against the charge. Here we have listed the top five defenses. If you think that you can present your case on your own without any error, you can use the following defense strategies. The chances of proving your innocence are very high if you are working with a domestic violence defense lawyer.

Defense Strategy 1: Lack of Proof

This is the strongest and the very first defense strategy against the domestic violence charge. You can find some holes in the arguments made by the accuser’s lawyer. If the prosecution is unable to present enough and adequate proof, the defendant cannot be convicted. A domestic violence defense attorney has training, knowledge and experience in examining such cases. The attorney can find contradictions and holes in the arguments made by the prosecution.

Defense Strategy 2: Wrong Suspect

You can prove your innocence by showing that you are not the person who committed the offense. You can do this by proving that you were not present there when the crime was committed. You were somewhere else. You can bring a witness to testify that you were attending some marriage or some other event. You can produce some time-stamped photos or video footage to prove that you were somewhere else at that time.

Defense Strategy 3: Intentional False Accusations

You can also prove that you are falsely accused of domestic violence. The reason the prosecution is presenting for domestic violence has nothing to do with violence. This usually happens in divorce cases. The spouse often delivers false allegations to fulfil a personal vendetta, gain more monetary reward or get full custody of children. Find some inconsistency in the story of the opponent.

Defense Strategy 4: Self-defense

You can prove that your action was an act of self-defence. However, if you have invited that reaction or you have pushed the accuser to strike, your argument of self-defence may become questionable.

Defense Strategy 5: Consent

In this strategy, you can prove that the violence was consented by the accuser. For example, both the accuser and accused agreed to participate in a volunteer fight. However, you need to present some sort of evidence or eyewitness.

If you are accused, you need to find a good domestic violence lawyer who can utilize these strategies to prove your innocence.

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