Captivate Conference 2020 – Education and Networking Opportunity for Private Lenders

How good you are at networking sets you apart from other private lenders, loan officers, and other professionals in the industry. Make sure that you are spending a lot of time networking. It keeps you updated on the current industry trends and forms referral partnerships. You get opportunities to meet new prospects. Networking is the foundation you need to grow your business. Though there are a lot of networking opportunities, being a busy professional, a private lender never gets sufficient time to build his network.

Participate in Professional Organizations

There are many professional associations, LinkedIn groups and organizations a private lender can join to network within the industry. This keeps you ahead in the competition as you learn about the latest trends and strategies to deliver quality services to your clients.

Get Involved in the Community

Getting involved in the community expands your networking beyond other professionals in the industry. Think outside the box. Meet new people that might be in need of your services.

Join Online Event

If you are a busy loan officer or private lender, joining online events like a private lending virtual conference is the easiest way to get connected with other professionals in the industry. You can share your experience and learn from other professionals.
If you are a broker, investor, lender or service provider in the private lending space or non-conventional lending space looking for new networking opportunities, Geraci Media brings you Lender Connect 2020. This online conference creates new education and networking opportunities. The next event after Lender Connect 2020 is Captivate Conference 2020.
Geraci Media invites business professionals and leaders to participate in the Lender Connect on May 20, 2020. This one-day online conference includes new networking opportunities and valuable education sessions through a virtual exhibit hall and lobby. Most importantly, you will get opportunities to make deals and raise capital.
In the Lender Connect 2020, you will be able to take part in group and 1-1 meetings via text chats or video chat. Participants will get the opportunity to ask questions from panelists and speakers. Other features of this private lending virtual conference include:
  • Discussion rooms/themed chat
  • Exhibit hall with interactive booths of brands
  • Getting connected and sharing contact details with other participants
  • Viewing “top matches” attending the event
  • Setting up a peer-to-peer meeting
  • Peer-to-peer or group live chat in lounge areas, private rooms, and speaking sessions
  • You can write to Event Director, Alicia Carter to participate in the Lender Connect 2020.

KeyNote Speaker

  • Anthony F. Geraci, Esq. (CEO, Geraci LLP)


  • Aaron Metaj (Senior Vice President, Northwind Financial)
  • Cindy Nasser (Chief Operating Officer, PCV Murcor)
  • Rocky Butani (CEO, Private Lender Link)
  • Romney Navarro (Partner, Noble Capital)
  • John Beacham (CEO, Toorak Capital Partners)
  • Huy Do (Investor, PrideCo Capital)
  • Nema Daghbandan, Esq. (Partner, Geraci LLP)
  • Kevin S. Kim, Esq. (Partner Geraci LLP)
  • Melissa C. Martorella, Esq. (Transactional Supervising Attorney, Geraci LLP)

Event Host

  • Alicia Carter (Event Director, Geraci Media Group)
Visit the website of Geraci Media Lender Connect 2020 Schedule and Captivate Conference 2020 Schedule.

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