What is the Minimum Clinical Experience Required for Medical School Application?

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There are certain things that you can add to your medical school personal statement to make it stand out. Many applicants get medical school personal statement help as they know that their personal statement can make it or break it. Therefore, it has to be right. Clinical experience is one of the most important aspects of a personal statement. However, what is the minimum number of hours of clinical experience required? 

The answer to this question is not simple. There is no minimum or the right number of hours when it comes to clinical hours. However, admission committees want to see clinical experience and letters of recommendation in your medical school application. When you start working with a doctor, also start thinking about letters of recommendation. You know that doctors are always occupied. You will have to wait to get your letters of recommendation. However, delaying this is also not in your best interests. Get your letters on time so that you can focus on your medical school interview. 

Keep in mind that having more clinical experience does not guarantee that the admission committee will find your medical school personal statement impressive. Show that you are a competitive applicant. Get clinical experience not to add a number in your personal statement. Show how you developed an understanding of the medical field with your clinical experience. This is what you are going to do after medical school. So, show that you are passionate about medicine. This is the reason why applicants with volunteering, shadowing and clinical experience are desirable in medical schools. Your medical school personal statement reflects that you are committed to the profession.    

Look for opportunities as early as possible. Think about what you will gain during your clinical experience. You must be interested in what you are going to do. Take notes of your observations and learnings, not the number of hours. These notes will be very helpful at the time of writing a medical school essay. Make your experience count by showing how your clinical experience has brought you close to the profession.       

What is Clinical Experience 

In clinical experience, you interact with patients. You are involved in many activities. Hospitals and clinics are not the only places where you can get clinical experience. Hospice care is also an option. Speak to a medical school admission consultant to learn about the clinical experience related questions the admission committee will ask. Medicine is about caring for others. This is what your clinical experience should reflect.

Number of Hours 

Get the number of hours out of your head. Some applicants with 100 hours of experience only get the spot in a medical school. Similarly, sometimes applicants with 4000 hours of experience are rejected. Therefore, focus on quality, balance and consistency. 


Medical school admission committees want applicants who seriously want to get exposure. You need to show that you are on the right career path. You have amazing qualification and clinical experience of 200 hours. There should be consistency as well. Your personal statement should reflect that you gained experience every year. Research, non-clinical volunteering, shadowing and other experiences are highly valuable. Therefore, focus on these experiences as well. 


You can add thousands of hours when you work paid clinical jobs. However, you need to focus on other sections as well such as non-clinical volunteering. This will hurt your chances of getting into medical school. Medical schools are all about medicine. However, you need to show that you are interested in research and community service.


It must be a quality clinical experience. Show that your clinical experience has a big impact on you. And, while working in a clinic, you also delivered excellent healthcare to patients. 

Clinical experience is not about the number of hours. However, hold your position for more than six months.

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