Why Opt For CCTV Drainage Survey? – Because of These 5 Benefits!

CCTV Drainage Survey

Got blocked drains again? Well, it’s time now to get rid of them once and for all. You need to have a CCTV drainage survey. It is a very effective way to point out and diagnose the blockages permanently. With advanced CCTV drainage investigations, your plumber will get to the root cause of the plumbing issue in no time. 

However, there are also other benefits to it, like: 

99.9% Accurate Diagnosis 

Diagnosing is always unfruitful if you are not aware of the cause of the issue. You just make assumptions and try blind troubleshooting. On the other hand, with a CCTV drainage survey, the drainage plumber will spot the problem right away.  Sometimes, the cause of the issue is not what we were expecting. Like, there may be a tree root that is blocking the drainage, and you think the blockage is due to some small object and use a chemical cleaner to flush it out. Clearly, you won’t succeed. But the plumber will know this with CCTV footage, and you will get a 99.9% accurate diagnosis of your plumbing issue. 


Repeated maintenance of plumbing issues, especially in the drainage, is often expensive. You can save that money by investing in a plumbing service like Pimpama plumber that carries out CCTV drain surveys at very affordable prices. These surveys offer accuracy and precision and, thus, value for each penny spent. 

You Get Rapid Analysis

Blocked drainage not only brings the foul odor in your home or office but also the hassle of dealing with it, especially in winters. Consequently, everyone wishes to sort out the drainage problems as soon as possible. The CCTV drainage investigations speed up the diagnosing process by providing a rapid analysis of the situation inside the drain. The camera will allow the plumber to see all that’s inside in real-time, and thus you get it repaired quickly. 

Offer You Minimum Disruption

Apart from saving your time and money, CCTV drainage investigations also keep you away from disruptions. The compact CCTV camera does all the job of locating and diagnosing the issue. And once the plumber identifies the problem, they start their work on that particular part of the drain. Whereas, without the CCTV survey, you would have carried out a full-scale examination and even excavation to find the blocking origin.

Best Technology To Examine Drainage of A New Property

When you purchase a new property, it’s wise to have the drainage system examined before making the deal. A CCTV survey of drainage is beneficial for this. The CCTV visual inspection cameras are available in various configurations to serve different inspection environments, including boilers, tubes, pipes, engines, turbines, and mainline sewers. Thus, you can have a perfect analysis of all the plumbing in a new property, which can be an expensive and tedious task otherwise.

After reading the above points, we hope you are now well-aware of the worth of CCTV drainage investigations. So, if there are constant blockings in your drains or you wish to inspect a new property’s plumbing condition, get a CCTV drain survey done today!

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