22 Free SEO Tools You Should be Used in 2023

Top 22 SEO Tools

In this world of the rat race, it has become so difficult to rank 1 even ranking your website has become equally tough. Hence every marketer strongly relies on SEO tools as those are the main keys to boost up the rank of your website. Search Engine Optimization ensures your website’s traffic and confirms better ranking in search engine results. But with the availability of so many well-performing SEO tools, it has become confusing to choose some of the best SEO tools.

What Are SEO Tools?

There are many different SEO tools available on the market, and it can be tough to know which ones are the best to use. However, there are a few key SEO tools that can really help to boost your website’s performance.

First, Google Search Console is a must-have for any website. This powerful tool allows you to track your website’s search traffic, and can even help you to identify and fix any potential issues.

Second, a good keyword research tool is essential for helping you to find the right keywords to target. There are many different options available, but our favourite is SEMrush.

Third, once you’ve got your keywords sorted, you need to make sure you’re using them effectively on your website. This is where a tool like Yoast SEO can come in handy. It allows you to optimize your website’s content for the keywords you’re targeting, and can even help you to improve your search engine ranking.

Finally, it’s important to keep an eye on your website’s backlink profile. This is where a tool like Majestic comes in handy. It allows you to track your website’s backlinks, and can even help you to identify potential link building opportunities.

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So here we have introduced the top 22 free SEO tools that are going to rule the world of digital marketing in 2022. If you’re a digital marketer or SEO expert, you need to be using the latest SEO tools to stay ahead of the competition. In 2022, the top SEO tools you should be using are:

Here is a list of Free SEO Tools You can use in 2022:

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that track your website traffic, bounce rate, leads, sale, etc. This is one of the tools which is used by most website owners to track their website traffic.

It helps to understand if your SEO efforts are working well or not. It collects all the data so for tracking the traffic of your website. As it is easy to use and gives results with great accuracy this is a popular tool.

2. Google Search Console:

It is one of those best free SEO tools that track your website behavior and calculates its performance.  It monitors keyword performance, website technical issues, backlinks, and makes your website shine in Google Search results. This tool is also offered by Google.

3. Google Keyword Planner:

This keyword research tool can be an amazing guide for any marketer. It provides top trending keyword ideas with their search volume, competition, and CPC. You can also check historical data of keywords for a particular country/state/city or worldwide.

Using Google Keyword Planner, you can search keywords for SEO as well as PPC purpose. This is another easy-to-use tool offered by Google.

4. Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager Becomes Easier and Safer with Custom Templates | Amazee  Metrics

It helps to innovate tag ideas. It has various other functionalities too. With the help of this tool, you can track scrolling. It helps to conduct surveys as well. Tracking downloading activities seems easier for this free SEO tool.  This tool helps to monitor people’s appearance on your website too.

5. Lighthouse:

Website Metrics With Google Lighthouse — Legal Marketing & Technology Blog  — August 4, 2021

If you’re in search of a self-moving tool to enhance the quality of the contents of your website. It has audits that look after the failed audits and from there rectify the quality of your web page. It runs well in Chrome Dev tools and as a node module.

6. ScreamingFrog:

Screaming Frog: Reviews, Prices & Features | Appvizer

For any On-Page SEO and technical errors, Screaming Frog is a very trusted tool as it helps to find broken links, blocked URLs, multi heading tags, image alt text, to duplicate pages. To check server errors this SEO tool is simply irreplaceable.

7. GTMetrix:

GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring

To monitor website performance and loading time this is a mandatory tool. It helps to resolve performance failure. It also ensures an increase in site speed. To get an accurate idea of the page size and page loading speed you can use this tool.

8. Woorank:

Website Optimization and Digital Agency Sales Tools | WooRank

One of the most popular free SEO audit tools is Woorank. WooRank is a super-fast, super easy-to-use SEO audit and digital marketing tool. It undoubtedly helps to check website On-page and Technical SEO errors. Using this SEO Audit Tool you can improve your website’s overall SEO score, improve your website traffic, and generate more leads to your business.

9. Google Data Studio:

What Is Google Data Studio? - uxax

Google Data Studio is an online tool for converting data into customizable informative reports and dashboards introduced by Google. Google Data Studio is part of the Google Marketing Platform Source: Wiki

One of the most informative, easy-to-use SEO tools is Google data studio. It monitors the data and shares insight. For easy readability and sharing features of the data, this is very helpful. It helps to customize your data visualization art.

10. Answer the Public:

It helps to analyze the searched questions and the autocompleted questions in the search cloud. For any website owner, it is extremely useful. It indirectly allows analyzing the volume of related keywords. In fact, to create long-tail keywords this tool is very helpful.

11. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest, an essential keyword research tool

One of the best keyword tools is Ubersuggest like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush. It helps to generate keywords and related keywords along with their search volumes. It works with great proficiency. In fact, for long-tail keyword ideas also this works great as it generates questions, prepositions, and even comparisons.

12. Structured Data Testing Tool:

Google Structured Data Testing Tool & Documentation Updated

One of the easiest SEO tools is Google’s structured data tool. Data that sticks to any predefined model is called structured data and hence it is easier to analyze. In this tool, you simply have to enter the URL or the code snippet and then analyze it to find if any errors are there.

13. Think with Google:

Think with Google - Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends

For any industrialists or marketers, it is a single-stop solution. It monitors industry trends and consumer behavior. It also allows checking the latest insights, planning tools, facts, and stats.

14. Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

Undoubtedly it is one of the most amazing free SEO tools. It diagnoses if your web page is mobile-friendly. Mobile usability problem is a great issue and can affect your website. To check the mobile user-friendliness this tool is just phenomenal. It allows checking how much a website scores on basis of mobile responsiveness.

15. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer Tool:

SEO Analyzer from Neil Patel, We Review this Free Website Tool

In the world of digital marketing, Neil Patel is the most trusted and renowned name. For SEO checkers his SEO analyzer tool is simply magic. Even on the homepage of the tool, you can see boldly written, ” if you’re struggling to get more visitors to your site, the answer might just lie in this free report!” It helps that small business a lot who is struggling for ranks on search engines. It is one of those free SEO tools that can be extremely beneficial for you.

16. Google Page Speed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights Explained » Speed Boostr

Page speed insights check the performance of your page on both mobile and desktop and give solutions for resolving the issues. For debugging we use this tool. To confirm the pagespeed of your website you can use this.

17. SEOSiteCheckup:

SEO Site Checkup offers an easy-to-understand and comprehensive set of SEO tools to help you understand your website from a search engine’s perspective. In just a matter of few seconds and a couple of clicks, you can see how a search engine may interpret your site. Source: SEOSiteCheckup

For any beginner, this is one of those SEO Audit tools that can generate lists of website issues like a great guide. To help find the website issues, this SEO tool is there.

18. SEOquake:

SEOQuake is one of those free SEO tools that get be really useful for any beginners and even for small businesses as well. It provides organic search data and also analyses the major metrics. It calculates keyword difficulty and does a complete SEO analysis that helps in examining the external and internal links to your website. It troubleshoots the optimization issues which affect the SEO of your site.

19. Google Trends:

See what the world is searching for with the updated Google Trends

This tool helps to check the popularity of a searched keyword in Google. Marketers prefer this tool a lot as it monitors the seasonality of a topic. You can check how a topic is performing with time. For more similar questions also you can use it.

20. SiteLiner:

How to Use Siteliner Like a Pro in 2022

Checking duplicate content is a tough task and what if a tool does that within seconds! The siteliner is renowned as an amazing duplicate checker. It also checks how many pages on your website contain similar contents so that we can easily rectify that. Because having unique content on every page will help you to rank higher.

21. SimilarWeb:

It shows an overview of site trafficking, traffic sources, and market strategies. Though you can only get five results in the free version and a basic idea of an idea, it is a very popular tool.

22. Google My Business:

Google My Business Expands with Messages Feature - ApexChat

Whether a beginner or a successful website runner both needs to promote and advertise their business and for that Google my Business is there to rescue.

As you can see, we have discussed many free SEO tools here. These are all single-stop SEO tools that can help you rank your website higher in the search engine results.  But remains a few questions unanswered!

How to Choose the Best SEO Tools?

Pretty simple! The answer is every tool has its individuality and you can consider any tool the best depending on your requirements. But still, you can keep a few things in your mind while dealing with these SEO tools:

  • Paid/ Free: If you’re a beginner then it is always better to choose the free SEO tools. Because though paid tools show more results many free SEO tools give very satisfactory results indeed. But for any settled professional you can go for a paid or premium version if you are willing to as they ed searched and analyzed results.
  • Usability: Before paying for or installing an SEO tool it is very important to check if you know how to use the tool. Otherwise, go for some user guide and then select the tool.
  • Purposes: As I have already mentioned earlier depending on your requirements you can define a particular SEO tool as the best. Because not everyone has similar purposes. Suppose you only need to get keyword ideas. For that will be installing any keyword research tool. But for someone who wants to check duplicate contents in his/her website pages then any keyword research tool will be of no use to that person.

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