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How to Pick the Perfect Mirror for Your Room


Mirrors are one of those simple design components that make a great difference, but there are a few guidelines we like to follow when selecting the correct round mirror for a space.

Our team has learnt a lot about how to choose mirrors, and now we’ll show you how we go about selecting the proper style, shape, size, and grade!

When choosing a mirror, there are a few aspects we usually keep in mind:


When it comes to buying the best mirrors online and seeing their size, there are a few general guidelines that we follow.

  • Over a piece of furniture: 

When choosing a mirror to go above a piece of furniture, we prefer it to be smaller than the piece below it to give it some breathing room.

When the mirror is large enough to encompass the entire piece of furniture beneath it, it might take over the entire look. It’s easier to layer décor pieces such as lamps and flower vases in front of a mirror that’s a couple of inches shorter than the piece of furniture and create a balanced vignette if the mirror is a couple of inches shorter than the main furniture piece.

  • On the wall:

Hanging a mirror on the wall is a terrific way to make your space feel bigger, but it shouldn’t take up the entire wall. We space it out by leaving a few inches of wall space around the mirror when hanging it on a tight wall to create an equilibrium in the space.

  • In the bathroom: 

Choosing the proper mirror size as bathroom accessories is all about the surrounding elements.

You have the ability to alter the arrangement if you’re doing new construction and to choose your lighting, plumbing, and electrical, and you can choose to install one giant mirror or two smaller mirrors. If you’re remodelling, you’ll almost certainly have to work around the current electrical and sink configuration. Ensure to look through these specifications when buying round mirrors in Singapore. 


The components surrounding your mirror play a big role in determining the design of your mirror, and as we favour transitional looks, we tend to vary them up in each vignette. Here are some things to keep in mind:

In the bathroom

There is a distinction between bathroom grade and non-bathroom grade mirrors (more on that later), but bathroom-grade mirrors are often more streamlined in terms of aesthetics.

Also, by the time you’ve installed lighting, plumbing, and all of the other parts that make up a bathroom, a highly detailed mirror can be distracting. We like to keep mirror styles simple in a lot of our bathroom space for both of these reasons.

However, we still enjoy experimenting with stylistic balance by employing the mirror to complement or contrast modern or traditional components in the area.

A word about finishes

We often conceive of a mirror as a stand-alone item when it comes to finishes. For example, we can choose a contrasting finish for the mirror even if we don’t want to combine metals on the lighting, plumbing, and hardware.

Above the Furniture Space or On the Wall

Mixing mirror styles over a piece of furniture or on a wall is even more eccentric & fun, and we love experimenting with balancing classic and modern styles.

For instance, if we have a traditional dresser, we might choose a modern-looking mirror and vice versa.

If you’re looking for a mirror for your wall, take a glance around and try to figure out what’s lacking. If the room has a lot of rectangular silhouettes, you might need something rounder, like a Round Mirror. If you have a lot of streamlined items, use something with more detail to add interest and dimension.