Learn Different Methods of Link Building Through Content Marketing

link building methods

Currently, it is seen that most of the website traffic comes from search options. Hence, one cannot ignore content marketing and link building strategy as a part of the marketing campaign. 

What is the reason behind this?

Search engines do all the heavy lifting to analyse millions of websites but still the major factor behind ranking is link building. It is not an easy strategy but the most effective one. In the coming year, if you are looking to improve the ranking, then your domain should be diverted by a meaningful link profile. For this, you can take the help of link building strategy USA. Here you can get an idea of where the focus is required to achieve better results.

Content marketing and link building cannot be separated

So now as you know how important link building is, you must also understand why content marketing works as a base for link building.

Today everybody is involved in SEO campaigns. Hence, the approach of link building service is first earning links using content marketing. Imagine if there is content that has a huge potential of getting natural links. Later, one can give it more push by the process of manual link building.

A link building agency works on blogger outreach techniques and connects with people who can publish the content or share the reference. It also includes finding websites where the content can be referred to. This is done by analyzing the past work of influencers and other resources.

It may happen that the campaign would not give the desired results. Still, it is beneficial to follow this method. 


There will be links that are acquired manually. It will help the brand with some search visibility and new traffic. 

It is also true that content-led link building campaigns will not be the same for all. 

However, link building service New York USA has some tried and tested ways to build links through content marketing. These are defined according to the budget which one can prefer.


Publishers are looking for infographics that can be unique and also stand out on the online platform. The simple listicles will not work in today’s time.

You can find a white hat link building service which works on the infographics that can further attract publishers and fetch links from top bloggers. You do not have to struggle much with the infographic ideas. All it needs is a bit of analysis and a strategy.

Case Studies

All brands are involved in some great work. Right?

Hence, you must share it with the world.

Your peers want to know how you work and also other people in your industry want the same. 

If a case-study is well structured, people can learn a lot from it. It can be used as a great source of content marketing. 

A Link building services company can help in sharing the case study across various platforms on social media. Whatever the information you are giving in this process turns out to be valuable. It will become easy for you to utilize case studies for earning links. It is possible through industry publications. 

Publications are looking for guidance from experts. Hence, the data-driven case studies can be shared with the editors of different publications. 

Merge with a brand on Content Campaign

Are you planning to earn links from new audiences?

Do you want to double your resources?

The idea is to look for a complementary brand which is not your peer and the one who is working on a content campaign.

For instance, you are doing SEO for nutritive food items. You can team up with medical experts to raise awareness of fitness. 

Hence, you are sharing a variety of healthy food items and on the other hand medical experts can explain the benefits of good health merged with the right food. 

Research Work or Whitepapers

To get industry-specific links, another technique is to utilize your whitepapers or research notes. For this, the focus should be more on conducting better research. 

You must be thinking about how it will help. 

Here you are giving insight on a topic in a completely new form. 

The best way to conduct research is by joining hands with a local university. The good part is you will need less financial investment and it will become a part of university studies. 

After the completion of research, it can be promoted at an industry press release. This can give a good amount of links at a significant level. 

Taking expert Interviews for Custom Quotes

This is another good option to achieve backlinks. If there are experts in your field, you can take their interviews. 

It helps in achieving genuine backlinks

The reason behind this strategy is Investment with an emotional touch.

Experts would feel that giving an interview is more of an emotional investment where they are spending their time on you. In return, they are ready to give you favors, and that also for a longer period. But you need to find the right ones.

This includes entrepreneurs, marketers, and such. They mainly share a link or content on their social media pages. It can be for brand promotion or sharing new products. With such posts, they can connect with the audience at a deep level. 

Ending Remarks

A link building agency can change the content marketing strategy. But one thing is always true that link building and content marketing if used together can deliver positive SEO results. It can help in making the brand successful. 

In the coming year, new updates will come but it is the right strategy to prioritize your links. The next step is connecting it with the appropriate websites. With that more emphasis is to be given to content that is shareable and interesting. 

Even if the peers have the latest technology, you can still be on the top of the link building if done right. Look for different link building packages and go ahead with effective marketing.