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Dazzling List of Ninja Weapons For The Martial Arts Fans

Ninja Weapons List

It’s not hard to establish that one of the most followed trends of the 21st Century is martial arts. Millions of people are involved in learning, teaching, or praising the ancient principle. Ever since the American audience was introduced to martial arts by Hollywood, it’s become a phenomenon. More people from newer generations continue to discover and love everything about it. That means that it’s not just an antique concept, but a very present one. And undoubtedly, one of the most attractive things about martial arts is the ninja weapons list in it.

Indeed, the more you will explore, the more you will understand that the ninja weapons area class part. They are not only the most amazing weapons to have ever been created. There is simplicity and innovation in all of them that continue to fascinate people to this day. So if you are also a martial arts fan, you will probably find much to like about this list.

Top 10 Ninja Weapons List of All Time

Mostly, thanks to the introduction of martial arts to pop culture, its weapons are considered almost sacred. They are the epitome of antique and modern at the same time, considering they’re timeless. You can still utilize ninja weapons in sports and fighting and learn from them. They might be ancient but they are legendary and still quite relevant for most people. So without further ado, let’s see what’s so unique about ninja weapons list that they still live to this day.

  1. Regardless of how much time has passed, swords have not lost their charm. There will always be a special place for all kinds of swords, especially classical ones. A ninja sword or katana as it is also known is one of those weapons that are still revered. They are sleek, light, and meant for swift movement and action. Unlike medieval swords, these are thinner, most manageable, and ideal for carrying everywhere.
  2. A Daito sword is yet another very famous blade to come out of the ninja weapons inventory. While a katana can be smaller than 12 inches or equivalent, a Daito is longer. It’s meant to be used with both hands and requires a little muscle. But only the most accomplished ninjas use this sword for combat when they are in an open field.
  3. The good thing about ninja weapons is that they are simple yet smart inventions. One of these is the escrima stick used by ninjas and trainees today as well. It is a plain bamboo or rattan stick that’s used for close-distance attack and offense. It is meant for blocking and striking at close range for self defense.
  4. You have probably seen and admired throwing knives before. They are not a ninja innovation, but they are popularized and used by them the most. Throwing knives have a heavier bottom and a sleek, pointed edge so it can be flung through the air. It’s mostly used for confusing or distracting enemies who might be pursuing you.
  5. Ninjas are experts when it comes to throwing someone off their course. Another unique weapon for that is ninja stars or Chinese throwing stars. These are metal blades shaped like stars and are used for confounding the enemy. You will often find a ninja gun as well that shoots these stars for better projection.
  6. Bo staff is the wise old brother of the escrima stick that’s been used for centuries. You still find these in every martial arts training institute as it’s a staple weapon. Made from bamboo or rattan, this staff is approximately 5-6 feet in length and flexible. It’s meant for thrusting, blocking an attack, and swinging to disarm someone from a distance.
  7. A formidable blade in the ninja series you have to check out is the Sai weapon. It is a ninja dagger that’s usually used in a pair. You hold one dagger in each hand and use it in a criss-cross motion to slash and fight.
  8. Hidden weapons are quite common when it comes to ninja tools since they’re made for stealth. One of the most impressive and less apparent weapons is the ninja ring. Built like a wearable ring, it has blades or edges for close combat and self defense. You can seriously injure someone if they come close to you with this bad boy.
  9. Fighting fans are another ninja weapon specialty; they’re sleek and dangerous if used correctly. Blades play a huge role in martial arts, but the fighting fan is a discreet and unique blade of terror. If you master a fan blade, you can be swift and dangerous for your enemies.
  10. How can a ninja list be concluded without the iconic nunchucks? Brought to the American population by the legendary Bruce Lee, nunchucks are a classic weapon. Two wooden sticks fastened by ropes or chains are an ideal weapon for offense and defense. This ninja turtle weapon is still used in martial arts training and is far more complex than it looks. It has graced our screens many times and continues to fascinate aspiring martial artists.

Inspiring and Exciting Ninja Weapons

There is no surprise in knowing that there is a huge following for martial arts weapons. They are still sold, purchased, and used in physical training all across the United States. The question is, are they as readily available as they are popular? Yes, you can, and you will be surprised at the range you can find when you look in the right place.

The best source for finding the best items in the above ninja weapons list is online stores. Whether you are a martial arts trainee or an enthusiastic weapon collector, you can buy them easily. PA Knives is an online wholesale store that deals in high-quality authentic ninja weapons. If there is something you are looking for, they will have it, for a lower price than the market. You can now also explore the mysterious and impressive world of ninja weapons from the comfort of your home.

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