Tech Pack’s Advantages for the Fashion Industry

tech pack

What is Tech Pack?

A tech pack, sometimes referred to as specification papers, is the blueprint you’ve prepared and is utilized to provide the manufacturer with all the specifics about your finished product. Drawings in great detail, ideas, fabric type, accessories (if any), measurements (Spec Sheet), location of the logo, a sample review image, and further remarks.

Tech packs therefore serve as a guide that aids in translating your idea into actual items. It reduces manufacturing mistakes and helps manufacturers better understand your ideas.

Tech Packs’ Benefits

Saving Time And Money: You may receive flawless samples that reflect your original concept and save a ton of money by using a thorough and simple-to-read Tech Pack.

Accurate Price Quotation: Your factory will find it simpler to estimate how long it will take to produce your product and how much it will cost if your tech pack is more thorough.

• Enhance Fit Quality: When a fit sample is provided by the manufacturer, you may add a custom column and enter the precise measurements. You may determine if a certain dimension is within tolerance by comparing these exact measurements to the starting measurements in the table. 

• As a Reference for Quality Control: You may inform your manufacturer so they can make the required adjustments if any measurements, materials, or construction details differ from your specifications.

• Work as a team: The tech pack may become more than just a document by bringing together designers, product developers, buyers, and quality control planners.

Objectives Of The Tech Pack

If a tech pack achieves the following objectives, it is deemed ideal:

1. It aids in sample creation and cost estimation.

2. It gives the producer a clear understanding of the design so they can turn it into a product.

3. It facilitates reducing the number of samples, costs, and manufacturing times.

4. It facilitates the production of the product with few to no faults.

5. It assists in keeping track of production developments, such as revision-related adjustments and customer feedback. 

What Makes Tech Packs Important?

Consider a scenario in which you are instructed to build a final item exactly as shown in a photo. When replicating the same, you could have several questions, such where to put the pockets and labels. also inquiries of a similar nature.

So this is why Tech Packs are necessary and why your firm needs them.


If a product is put into production without a tech kit, it appears impossible. Making a tech pack is not a simple task, and it may take a lot of your time and money. The methods we’ve outlined, however, will enable you to produce a tech pack that is simple to use and reduces the amount of samples you need. We must also create a tech pack in great detail to reduce the possibility of mistakes. You may access user-friendly templates at Graphtick Studio. Visit our website, and we’ll help you create a tech pack that instantly works for your goods.

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