The Baggage of Single Sink Vanity Ideas to Embrace Your Small Bathroom Space

Single sink bathroom vanity

Are you planning to have interesting bathroom vanity plans? If so, then shape your bathroom with fascinating yet functional elements. Single sink bathroom vanity (whether large or small) comes in different styles featuring rustic, shaker, vintage, contemporary, and much more. Small vanity designs are in great demand as rich in look and have great storage space. Undoubtedly, the right vanity helps you to relish space in limited square footage.

➤Sleek Bathroom Vanity

Breathtaking moments are always special. A modern look bathroom vanity with a sleek & glossy surface renders your small bathroom a distinctive & clean look. You’ll surely surrender your heart to the eye-catching design. Look for a vanity that stuck easily into a nook. Some small-size vanity with a framed mirror attached is supplemented by a recessed medicine cabinet. The white-walls add more finishing touches as they reflect light and make your tiny bathroom appear larger. 

➤Freestanding Small Vanity Design

A little hope finds you to reach your destination. Nothing to worry about if your bathroom is small. You have plentiful options to curate your small bathroom, stating an elite & spacious look. A freestanding vanity can be an ideal choice for a more delicate & luxurious style. Add lower shelf storage to deliver a more open look. To avoid a mess on the shelf, use baskets for keeping loose items.

➤Storage Vanity Pieces

Numerous storage types are readily available with a bathroom vanity. Many prefer vanity, including drawers and cabinet doors, to fulfill your storage needs. In case of an extra small bathroom, hang an open shelving unit to place your products & bathroom decor. 

➤Vintage-Style Small Vanity

Antique furniture style vanity indeed gives your sweet little bathroom a vintage look. The vintage theme is quite popular and goes well on many occasions. Why not incorporate the theme into your bathroom? The old-new dresser style serves plenty of storage in its drawers. Keep your tidy towels & toiletries. 

➤ Custom Bathroom Vanity

Personalized vanity is surely the best choice to fit your less storage bathroom needs. Perhaps, will have exact measurements allowing the room for keeping essentials. Fitted cabinets with a customized mirror meet the trend yet keeps the bathroom tidy & sophisticated. A white single sink bathroom vanity is always on the top of the many customers’ customized list. 

➤ Vanity with Hidden Spaces

A more space-savvy choice is what most of you have your eyes on. Nowadays, a vanity with an open area beneath has hidden cabinet doors. The partition of doors allows you to keep items well organized according to category (beauty products, cosmetic tools, cleaning supplies, towels, etc.). 

➤Pedestal Sink Ideas

Save the space with the pedestal sink. Don’t bother about the top, as it still appears smaller due to the slender base. Missing out storage, get a shelf above the sink to place the bathroom items. 

➤Floating Vanity

Do you know about wall-hanging vanity? The vanity appears to be floating above the tile. This adds more space in a small bathroom. You can install a collection of small-size mirrors and trick the eye by thinking enough space irrespective of actual dimensions. 

➤Wall-Mounted Sink 

A wall-mount sink removes the tight & limited expanse to extra space. Have a basin with a single faucet and a large oval-shaped mirror highlighting the reflection. Even hang hooks to keep towels on either side of the sink. 

Like other accessories, bathroom vanity showers your guests’ attention. Find out the suitable vanity to match the room needs with the flavor of fashion & practicality. 

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