The Secrets of Dallas Car Shipping

Dallas Car Shipping

For many of us, the prospect of transporting a vehicle is quite a daunting one. There’s a good reason for that, really, all things considered. Moving or taking a long trip is already stressful enough before we start to worry about how to get to our destination. Bringing a vehicle along is just another thing to add to the pile in that sense.

It raises many questions, really. Are there options beyond having to take a road trip ourselves? As you’ve probably gathered based on the title of today’s article, we do have other choices these days. Namely, we could opt for car shipping.

How does that work, though? Resources like this one give us some insights, but admittedly, they can be a bit confusing to read through. That’s why we’re here today – to shed some light on the process without getting bogged down in the weeds by looking at all the technical stuff. After all, as the customer, that’s not really our biggest concern.

It Doesn’t Always Have to be Expensive

Whether you’re shipping a car to Dallas or elsewhere in Texas, an easy misconception is that it will always cost you a pretty penny to get the job done. Thankfully, though, this really isn’t the case.  

In fact, there are ways to help save money in the process!  Namely, you can lower the weight of your car by removing any of your personal belongings and anything like a bike rack or similar anchoring devices.  The goal should be to take out anything that isn’t necessary so that you can make your vehicle weigh as close to the manufacturing weight as possible.

If you didn’t know, the main way that transport companies calculate how much it costs to ship your car is based on how much it weighs. So, even a small detail like ensuring that there is very little gas in it when it’s picked up can make a surprising difference to the final cost.

Beyond that fact, though, the distance that you’re wanting it to travel will also have an impact. Hopefully, these tips will help you to save some cash next time that you try to schedule this sort of thing. On a final note for this section, don’t forget that often, we save money by shipping our cars instead of driving them.

As you can see here,, road trips can be quite costly. Factoring in any rest stops and hotel room stays along the way means that you could end up paying more for the trip than you would to get a plane ticket and to transport your vehicle separately!

How to Prep for Vehicle Transport

The other “big” secret that we’ll talk about today is this: how do we prepare both ourselves and our cars for the process? Luckily, it’s not too complicated, but allow us to explain. The first thing that you’ll want to do is ensure that you have your photo ID ready and on hand, whether it’s your driver’s license, your passport, or something else. This will help speed things along since the company you work with will ask for it.

Next on the journey of utilizing Dallas auto transport services is to make sure that your vehicle is clean and ready for the trip. That may involve taking it to the car wash beforehand, vacuuming it out, and having the keys ready for the driver who comes to retrieve it. Like we said, it’s really not that complicated.

Another note here, though, is that you may also want to take some pictures of your car beforehand.  Realistically, it’s just a precaution. There are very few incidents where a vehicle actually gets damaged during a trip, but it is nice to be prepared just in case the unlikely happens.

Our Options are Flexible

The last secret we’d like to share today is that although it can be tempting to stick with just one company or option here in Dallas, we actually have a lot to choose from. Don’t be afraid to explore the options and see what the various companies have to offer in terms of the amenities and services they provide.

Compare the various quotes that you get when you first start shopping around. Many companies offer door-to-door shipping, meaning that they’ll pick your vehicle up and then drop it off for you once you’ve arrived.  Pretty convenient, right?

Overall, it’s okay to take our time and really consider the choices available to us. This includes which company we want to work with, how far we’re going to travel, and everything else involved. There are tons of variables to keep in mind and honestly, it’s not always going to be easy to sort out. At the end of the day, we can prioritize our own needs in these cases!

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