The Best Telephone Entry System for Your Apartment

Best Telephone Entry System

Swiftlane prioritizes your safety, which is why they can offer you the Best Telephone entry system for your apartment. Continue reading if you are unfamiliar with the telephone entry system and its significance. A telephone entry system is a device that allows you to communicate with visitors who want to enter your home or apartment. This device will help you keep your home safe and protected from criminals since it will alert you first if someone is trying to get into your home. It can also let you communicate with the visitor without bothering to come close to them or open your doors since this device already has a speaker as well as a camera for you to see who is the visitor, which enables you to ask them their intention of visiting your home, which will lower your risk of getting robbed.

Nowadays, criminals are getting wiser with the tactics that they use to trick you, and one of these tactics is by acting like a friendly neighbor or a passerby that got lost. Specifically, most criminals will knock on your door or ring your bell and ask you some questions about directions on how to get to a certain place or any other topic with an innocent face, so you do not suspect them as bad guys, which will force you to open your door to have a better conversation since you might think that they are just nice people that are asking for help, but no, these criminals are just playing with you, particularly taking advantage of your kindness, and when you open your door, that is the time when criminals will put their weapons out and threaten you. As this case shows, we cannot trust everyone. However, with the help of Swiftlane’s telephone entry system, you can prevent these bad tactics that criminals use. Using this device will help you think at ease since you know that you are safe and protected.

If you want to find out more about the best telephone entry system for your apartment, here are three of the greatest telephones you could be interested in, along with their advantages.

1. Linear EntryPro Telephone Entry System

The Linear EntryPro Telephone Entry System is the best and most convenient for you if you live in a multi-residential apartment complex or on a college campus. This type of phone entry system is known for its function as crystal-clear two-way voice and audio calls. This device can be easily accessed using your cell phone instead of a control card or a key fob since you can connect with it through Bluetooth. That allows users to receive text and email alerts about what is happening outside their doorstep or if someone is trying to break into their home.

2. Liftmaster Video Intercom Entry System

The Liftmaster Video Intercom Entry System is the best recommendation for you to use since it offers a selection of modern audio and video intercom entry systems and access control devices. This device looks streamlined and impressive since it is heavy-duty. With the help of this device, you can easily let your guests into your home through the use of your cellular phones. However, it is required for you to install the myQ mobile app so you can just remotely open your doors. Furthermore, with the various functions of these devices, you can ensure you are safe and protected.

3. Summit Control Telephone Entry System

The Summit Control Telephone Entry System is the best for you if you have a big house or a mansion since it can control not only one gate or door of your home but two. To keep up with technological advancements, this device enables you to use your phone as a remote to unlock your doors or gates, where you will also get notifications. Furthermore, there are also alternatives for you to operate the device, such as text, voice, and keypad.


To keep your home safe from criminal tactics that can risk your life as well as your money, use the telephone entry system from Swiftlane. The Linear, Liftmaster, and the Summit Control Telephone Entry System are the best telephone systems that you might want to use to protect your home and family.

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