Top Things You Should Know When Removing a Tree From Your Australian Property

Removing a Tree

Some people move into an Australian property and they already have a tree while others plant the trees themselves to highlight an important date in their lives like the day that they moved into this new property or maybe the birth of their first child. Whatever the circumstances, trees can be quite wonderful and they provide your home with shade that helps to keep it cool in the summer months. There is nothing nicer than walking out into your garden and hearing the birds chirping and tweeting in your tree as they build their nests.

The unfortunate thing however is that sometimes trees get sick and so in order to keep you, your family and your property safe, it has to be removed. This is certainly not a job for the limited skills that you have because it can be incredibly dangerous if not carried out correctly. Not only does the tree have to be removed but the stump that is left behind has to be taken out of the ground as well. Luckily we can turn to professionals for stump grinding in Gold Coast and they have the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

There are, however, some things that you should know before you remove any kind of tree in Australia and hopefully the following can help.

1. It needs to be a last resort – You shouldn’t just remove a beautiful tree from your property just because you don’t like it because if it is cared for properly then it will actually add value to your property. If you are having issues however and branches are constantly breaking from it then this would be the time to talk to your local tree specialist who can give you a proper diagnosis and maybe even offer you some solutions.

2. Always use the professionals – As was stated briefly before, this is not a job that you can do by yourself with a simple saw and a ladder. You always need to reach out to a professional contractor who has gone through many years of experience and who knows how to remove trees safely and efficiently. It can sometimes be a pretty complicated thing because safety measures have to be taken to protect your property if it is too close to it.

3. There may be some red tape in place – Local Australian authorities do not take kindly to people removing trees that have nothing wrong with them. Just because you are the property owner, it doesn’t mean that you have permission to cut down any tree. There are regulations in place so make sure that you get the required permits if you wish to have any kind of tree removed.

If the tree is to be removed then it would make perfect sense that you would get the stump taken out of the ground as well as it can be a real eyesore and the tree may even start to grow again. Remember to take your neighbour’s feelings into consideration as well.

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