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15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric That Everyone Must Be Known

15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric

Turmeric is referred to as the golden spice in Ayurveda and it’s called the Indian saffron. They were widely found in Asia and Central American regions. The active component found in turmeric is Curcumin; they have the potential ability and are widely used in the traditional Ayurvedic system on knowing the several nutritional facts of turmeric and its impact on human health.

Turmeric powder is best used during inflammation and in times of chronic pain. In Western medicine, this spice is considered the best healing agent and analgesic.

The Nutritional Value of Turmeric Powder per 15 gram

15 grams of turmeric powder consists of 0.91 grams of protein, 0.31 gram of fat, 29 calories, 6.31 g of carbohydrates, 2.1 g of fiber, 0.3 g of sugar, 26 % of manganese requirements of RDA, 16% of daily iron, 5 % of daily potassium, 3 % of daily vitamin C level.

This spice includes miraculous nutrients in it that assist you in keeping you stronger and healthier.  They are generally an underground rhizome that includes extraordinary phytochemical compounds in it which transmit with higher enriched flavour, colour, and diverse fragrance to the recipes while cooking.

Turmeric forms typically a member of the ginger or Zingiberaceae family of the root herbs, the genus name is Curcuma and the scientific name of this spice is Curcuma Longa. All parts of turmeric are best used in both traditional Indian and Chinese medicines. The very effective properties of turmeric like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancerous properties are noted well.

15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric

Turmeric Root

The Roots of turmeric emphasizes dull earth coloured skin to the outer region and also has intricate orange colour inside them. The leaves just like the rhizome it come with a peculiar flavour and aroma. The taste of the spice is slightly peppery to warm and also tough when their aroma is sweet and delightful. After collection of the spice, the roots of them are effervesced, dried, and well-grounded to design the desired lavish yellow colour powder.

Turmeric Plant

The dark turmeric plant is (Curcuma cassia) naturally belongs to the blue-dark rhizome and they are seen mostly in Bangladesh and Northeastern regions of India. They were widely implemented as an alternative to yellow turmeric in cooking in those regions.

The turmeric plants do not form seeds and it gives rise through their underground dispersal of rhizomes.

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15 Nutritional Facts of Turmeric Powder:

Nutritional Facts of Tumeric Powder

1. Fights in Inflammation

They are undoubtedly nature’s wonder spice and were widely used in Asian countries around thousands of years ago; it has medicinal properties and dyeing properties in it. Turmeric has the best anti-inflammatory properties, as we know chronic inflammation can end up in diabetes, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and still much more. Curcumin in turmeric has a vital Anti-inflammatory ability that is beneficial in human health.

2. Rich Antioxidant

Antioxidants’ role is to aid the best role in fighting against free radicals damage, the key compound found in turmeric is Curcumin and it contains higher antioxidant power in them. Research study states that turmeric powders are highly beneficial in warding off free radical damage and in the enhancement of our body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.

3. Mood Regulation

Turmeric has an essential role in the regulation of mood. It remains a very effective spice in the treatment of depressive disorders. Few studies concluded that when Curcumin is taken in 100miligrams a day is best helpful in treating patients with major depressive disorder.

4. Complex Improve

Turmeric is beneficial both internally & externally. Curcumin has higher anti-inflammatory properties that help in boosting the complexion of yours if you apply them topically not only it ends with that, it enhances the radiance and also lowers the oil secretion on the skin.

5. Balances the Blood Sugar

This balancing effect of blood sugar by this powerful spice is a helpful one, particularly for type2 diabetes patients. It aids in lowering blood sugar levels and also fights well against insulin resistance. Try to include turmeric daily in your diet and try to take golden milk or turmeric ginger tea in the diet.

6. Lowers the Joint Pain

Because of its higher anti-inflammatory properties turmeric helps in lowering the joint pain, plenty of research study says that when the Curcumin is taken daily it helps in lowering the pain and it best improves the bodily functions. Thus it’s a wonderful rhizome for arthritis patients.

7. Detoxifies the Body

Our human body has a natural mechanism to rid ourselves of wastes from the body. Usually, this entire detoxification process occurs with the assistance of the liver in the human body. Turmeric aids you in assisting natural detoxification in the body, this mechanism happens through thinning of the bile. Thus it permits the bile to flow very free in the intestines thereby aids in the removal of wastes and toxins from the human body.

8. Boosts the Immune System

Stringer immunity is necessary for warding off the germs and viruses in the human body. Turmeric has a vital role in enhancing the immune-boosting protein in the human body. Prepare a curry or soup and add with turmeric and black pepper that would help you in the absorption of Curcumin best in the human body.

9. Lowers the Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is the stress hormone, also when this cortisol is found in enhanced levels in the human body that can end up in several mental and physical health issues. Like obesity to depression. The research study from The Journal of affective Disorders says that Curcumin helps in lowering cortisol levels and also in the enhancement of serotonin.

10. Protects Against Cancer

Turmeric has a vital role in killing the caller-causing cells, thereby it prevents the development of it. The effects of turmeric are well seen in breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer cells. Turmeric does this wonderful function by induction of the apoptosis process and then activates the tumour suppressor gene (p53, PTEN and Rb, and PPAR).

It suppresses the level of VEGF and down-regulates the oncogene’; thus aids in the best detoxification of the toxins, which later get excreted in urine by inactivation of the reactive species. Through this mechanism of action, turmeric powder plays a preventive role in the formation of cancer.

11. Helps in Cholesterol Lowering

Turmeric has a significant role in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Turmeric aids in reducing the levels of LDL and triglycerides level in blood. Also, these wonder herbs help out by preventing the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. If your serum cholesterol is higher then taking 700mg of turmeric can be taken twice daily for 3 months to get the desired results.

12. Reduces Body Fat

We are familiar with the fact that a healthy diet and exercise are the best weapons used to combat body fat or obesity. Turmeric has the best anti-obesity effects and they are well noted among people. Turmeric has a vital role in suppressing fat tissue growth and development. This spice aids in losing weight by preventing insulin resistance. Turmeric assists in the enhancement of bile secretion which helps further to metabolize the fat cells and emulsification them. In this way, turmeric does real wonders in your body fat lowering.

13. Improves the Cardiovascular Health

Turmeric has the best cardioprotective effects in it; it has the vascular improvement function in post-menopausal women. This does this effect when physical activity included along with a healthy diet enriched with turmeric in it. The age-related degeneration of the heart can be slowed down if turmeric is taken in the diet regularly along with a healthy diet and physical activity in your daily routine.

14. Calms the Digestive System

From Chinese to ancient Ayurvedic medicines use this turmeric to get rid of several health issues like digestive disorders and gas. Turmeric has a beneficial role in lowering the bloating and gas symptoms in persons suffering from indigestion.

15. Sharpens the Memory

Turmeric has a protective role in lowering the inflammation on nerves in the brain which is linked with Alzheimer’s disease. There is plenty of research study stating that Curcumin helps in the protection of the brain from oxidative stress. The Curcumin in the spice improves the mood and memory power on older adult persons. Taking twice the turmeric daily diet shows a hugely beneficial effect in sharpening memory and in mood enhancement.

Thus based on the scientifically proven health benefits of turmeric, they are really useful in the prevention of several degenerative diseases like cancer, CVD, and Alzheimer’s disease. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric are well noted and this aids in improving the symptoms related to depression and arthritis.

The best way to include this medicinal spice in the diet is by adding it to the recipes, can include with greens, try to have them included in greens, just blend them well into thick smoothies, prepare turmeric ginger tea, easily you can toss them with your favorite roasted vegetables, golden milk and even add to scrambled egg a little or in tofu scrambles.

“The Key to the Ultimate Healing is through this Magic Power of Turmeric Spice in Diet.”

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