A Beard is Happening, a Beard Itch is Not

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As on date, growing a beard and a bearded guy is just as common as the Chinese and South Indian cuisine. It is just about anywhere and everywhere. Just as the many types of dishes in both the cuisines, are the many types of beards visible. The beard is a style statement here to stay, believe it or not. Most bearded people use their beards to enhance their looks and overall personalities. Some of them grow the beard in order to rectify their self-proclaimed and identified, certain anomalies in their facial characteristics. Whatever said and done, beards in their multiple styles and forms, is today, like never before, an absolute permanent feature in our lives. 

There are actually so many various and individual reasons for donning a beard. Some have had it for years, some have just recently adorned their faces with one, and yet again, some are on the verge of doing so. Whatever the reasons or situation may be, one thing remains a common factor. The itching comes with a beard. This itch, unfortunately for most, becomes a nagging and permanent fixture for the beard grower. For an individual, feeling joyful, upon understanding the fact that the facial aspect, along with the overall personality improvement has been wonderfully taken care of, the act of the constant itching becomes nothing less than the most irritable feeling and experience.  

At this point, we really need to understand that the itching factor, however much we may try and reconcile with it, and the sheer inconvenience that it causes, is definitely not to be laid aside and ignored. Apart from the fact that the action of itching ones beard publicly indeed looks nauseating for the onlooker, it is a great matter for the person concerned, to be in a position of absolute embarrassment. However, the moot point is that though the itchy and uneasy feeling is something one has to deal with, it is more imperative that the reason for the same is identified and the corresponding solution found. Therefore, you need not completely surrender to it, and here’s why and how.

Let us now, first deal with the source this aggravating itch and some reasons for the itchy feeling in ones’ beard.

Dry skin condition

In most situations, due to lack of time or a nonchalant attitude towards the beard, the skin beneath the hair becomes dry, resulting in the itch. It is also not uncommon for rashes to form. This simply means that at the superficial level, the hair in question in this case, is looked after but underneath, the skin is ignored as it is no longer visible. The itch brings it in focus.

Another reason is while trimming the beard; the hair is pushed at an angle. While growing once again, the angled hair tends to brush against the skin, causing the itch.

Now, for the solution, which is never really far behind, with just a bit of regular beard care?

Brush away

It is highly recommended that one regularly brushes ones beard and always in the top to bottom direction. This not only softens the strands of hair in the beard but also brings to the surface; the natural oils embedded under the skin, and spread it out evenly. This act keeps the skin oily and prevents dryness to form.

Use of beard oil and beard balm

There are plenty of beard oils and beard balms available in the market to choose from, depending on one’s quality of hair and skin type. The oil base nourishes the skin, keeping it from becoming itchy and the balm base acts positively on the hair. 

Act of trimming

Whatever length of the beard one has decided upon, regular trimming is absolutely necessary, not only for the outer look but also for the general maintenance of the beard.

Daily shower

In general, and for a bearded person in particular, it is indeed imperative that he bathes or showers every day. Sometimes, due to lack of time, or not being in a certain place conducive for either bathing or for showering, or for just about any other pertinent reason, it then becomes absolutely necessary to gently wash the beard with warm water. In the case of a lack of availability of temperature controlled water, or tepid water, the scrubbing and washing of the beard should correctly be a little more aggressive. In the market there are plenty of choices in the beard grooming section, for specially recommended beard washes. They too help enormously.

Conditioners for beards

One excellent way of caring for your beard is the usage and gentle massage with a conditioner. This serves a dual purpose. For one, it settles the hair of your beard down to the exact way you desire, and want it to look. For another, there are various conditioners available today, which have naturally based oil content. This further helps to keep the skin under the hair oily and only adds to the natural oils secreted by the body. In this case, it is the chin area.

Dyeing itch

Dyeing ones beard is a very common occurrence in today’s times. As much as it helps to bring about the desired transformation in the overall look and persona of the person concerned, It has been often observed and felt that the itching process escalates further post dyeing the beard. This may be, and invariably is due to some unwanted chemicals in the dye, which have an adverse effect on the skin below the beard, and cause it to itch. In this case too, there are specific steroid creams available.

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