Tips for dieting. Your motivation for losing weight!

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Many girls know that it is not at all easy to eat exceptionally healthy food – everywhere there are temptations to eat something wrong. What rules must be followed to prevent this from happening?

Follow the “rule of two”

So, when dining in a restaurant, make a choice in favor of one main dish (for example, chicken fillet with vegetables) and order no more than two ingredients for it. Even drinks other than water are counted. For example: if you ordered chicken with a side dish of vegetables, you can choose bread and salad for it, but it is better to postpone dessert and tea. If you bought curry sauce for chicken, and chose ice cream for dessert, then give up salad and any drinks, water does not count. So people who follow this rule usually eat a quarter less, due to the fact that they take a much more serious approach to the choice of dishes.

Correct breakfast

Scientists at the University of Louisiana in the United States have shown that girls who eat breakfast with hot oatmeal feel much less hunger after three to four hours than those who soak muesli in cold yogurt or juice in the morning. Consequently, those who have made a choice in favor of porridge eat much less during lunch.

Add wellness photos to your Instagram

And subscribe to like-minded people. After all, it has been proven: when a person looks at pictures of wholesome, healthy food, keto meals while eating, he subconsciously consumes fewer calories and chooses food more carefully. Visualization is extremely important – it is a great motivation not only in virtual, but also in real life. Therefore, it is better to replace a bowl of sweets on the table with a bowl filled with fruits – and healthy habits will not keep you waiting long.

Abrupt abandonment of the usual regime does not hurt

Usually, protein or low-carb diets start very abruptly – it is forbidden to eat almost everything, except for lean protein. And this is the main incentive – enduring the hardships of the first couple of weeks, we stimulate ourselves to great achievements and believe even more in the result. That is why it would be effective to start your diet with cardinal changes – give up the harmful, but favorite product for at least a week. Let it be sugar. And after having held out the whole time without sweets, you will feel pride in yourself and motivation to give up something else. Well, in order not to break off halfway, you need to constantly remember how many hardships you have already gone through.

Choosing the right foods for your diet is important

Although the doctors’ reviews about mono-diets are not too flattering, they are very effective also because you do not need to constantly choose products for the next meal. After all, a small selection significantly reduces the likelihood of eating something wrong. And variety often leads to overeating. Thus, you can choose several options for breakfast, keto lunch and dinner, then alternating them, creating a menu. It is better to exclude everything else from the diet. As soon as you get tired of such a menu from keto restaurants Melbourne you can create new keto meals.

Investing money is a great motivation

A diet is not at all saving on food, but an impressive expenditure – the purchase of the necessary equipment for cooking, books, mobile applications. But you can look at this from the positive side: having spent a certain amount, it will be just a pity to quit what you started. Thus, you can turn this to your advantage – for example, buy a multi cooker or a blender, so that cooking is more pleasant, faster and healthier. So one kind of purchased item will motivate you to new exploits aimed at a healthy lifestyle.