Are IPA Gluten-free Drinks the Perfect Recovery Beverage for an Alcoholic?

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Are you an alcoholic who is always craving alcohol and trying their best to stay on the path of recovery? Are you trying to explore non-alcoholic drinks or otherwise known as zero alcohol beer or vegan beers? Replacing alcoholic drinks with IPA gluten free drinks might help you.

In fact, more and more athletes are replacing their post-workout sports drink with these non-alcoholic drinks and vegan beers. Shut the fact that the word beer shows up in the categorisation scare you for a moment? Let’s find out.

Beer as an isotonic

Non-alcoholic beer and drinks contain water, proteins, micronutrients and carbohydrates. It is a natural isotonic liquid that contains equal amounts of salt and sugar found in the human body. These drinks are usually consumed by endurance athletes. These drinks isotonic and replace fluids and electrolytes that are lost during the workout of an absolute through the process of sweating. Grabbing a chilled zero alcohol beer is not just refreshing but ideal for a long training session that prevents cramping during session.


The molecules created in plants to keep them protected from ultraviolet radiation and other pathogens are known as Polyphenols. There are found in hops and spices that are used to make beer and have found their footing in the world of sports nutrition of late. Some studies indicate that they also prevent a variety of diseases associated with oxidative stress, such as diabetes and cancer.

Veg and beer versus sports drinks human body holds water better and is able to properly hydrate itself after consuming calories through drinks. Energy drinks help do this exact thing. They restore the glycogen in the body, which is the sugar-based compound that stores energy. After extensive training, there is no point worrying about getting immediate carbs if we can hydrate the human body. After exercise, drinking sports drinks could actually pack in extra sugar and sodium that the body doesn’t meet which sports drinks contain. In fact, drinking IPA gluten-free non-alcoholic drinks could help the body better. It is not only hydrates but restores the minerals that are required for the process of recovery after a heavy training session.

Why is a non-alcoholic drink better for an alcoholic?

An alcoholic beer is considered a diuretic. A diuretic is whatever causes the body to pass water through its quickly without observing the minerals contained inside it. This is why alcoholic urine is more frequently after drinking and feels entirely dehydrated. On the other hand, drinking zero alcohol beer hydrates the body and provides the body with all the required minerals as well. This being the reason why a non-alcoholic drink is better for an alcoholic, recovering one especially. Try IPA gluten-free, vegan beer today.

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