Tips on How to Prepare for Your Economics Examination

Economics Examination

BestEconsTuition is an award-winning, MOE-registered premium online leading economics education Centre in Singapore that specializes in Singapore – Cambridge GCE A-level Economics. The curriculum is designed to give the best possible start to students in understanding the concepts of economics. The course curriculum incorporates fundamental concepts of economics as well as the more technical areas and sub-topics which are studied in detail throughout the course. A solid application aptitudes advancement is additionally given to understudies as practicum and temporary jobs. The Economics central subjects and elective courses are intended to build up the abilities of understudies with the goal that they can utilize this information in an expert setting whenever they have moved on from the Economics program.

What is BestEconsTuition?

This is one of the best venues for taking graduate level courses. Facility is ideal for both full-time and part-time students and the tuition fees and expenses are kept at a reasonable level to suit a wide range of budgets tutor here is very experienced and dedicated to developing the skills of students. They are fully aware of the intricacies of the economics syllabus and are happy to provide support wherever necessary. Students who take up graduate courses in Singapore are sure to benefit from the tutoring services offered here in the form of private lessons with the expert economists.

Features of Tuition

Online Tuition

In addition to online tuition, students get a lot of benefits while they study here. For instance they can avail of special courses and research programs along with access to reading rooms, libraries, printers, computers and additional facilities. Online tutors here undertake to motivate and encourage their students so that they can improve their concentration and understanding skills. As they are closely involved in all aspects of the course, tutors are always available to answer queries and clarify doubts.

Excellent Tutor Services

In the course curriculum, concepts like macroeconomics, microeconomics, and portfolio balance and investment analysis play an important role. Therefore, an excellent economics tutor in Singapore will ensure that the syllabus has complete coverage of the concepts mentioned above. They will also ensure that the student gets a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts by preparing the necessary study materials like notes, guides and DVDs.

Finance Teaching

Finance is another important area that is covered comprehensively in good economics classes. Proper teaching of concepts like savings, lending and saving rates help students in understanding fiscal issues better. It is therefore essential for any good economics tutor to have a clear understanding of the subject. Online tuition offers a chance to learn about saving options and how to apply them to achieve better grades. By the end of the course, students are expected to understand the concept of budgeting and how to plan for future needs.

Discussion on Inflation

Apart from this, concepts like inflation and unemployment are also taught in detail. All aspects of inflation are discussed, such as its causes, effects and implications. The impact of inflation on the national economy is examined. Students are taught how to anticipate and prevent changes in the level of inflation. The role of government policies related to inflation is discussed in detail. 

Practicing Concepts

Taking online economics courses encouraged to practice the concepts taught in the syllabus through practicing economic concepts on their own. In fact, every student is encouraged to adopt the economic model used in class. This helps them understand the concepts better when they come across in the real world. The best way to get prepared for the economics examination is to adopt the economic model used in the practice test and practice economic concepts every day.

Last Words

When you opt for online teaching, you have the advantage of getting a one on one tutoring session with your tutor. You can ask any question you have without having to wait for an answering. You also get the benefit of reading through other student’s work and getting an idea of what topics are covered in the syllabus. For students preparing for the economics examination, getting a good tutor is essential for ensuring that they get the best grades.

Learning Economics 

Economics which studies the details of how individuals, firms, consumers, and institutions to allocate scarce resources to meet unlimited demands. Being a nation of limited natural resources, Singapore constantly considers human capital as its most valuable asset. A popular saying in Singapore – “If you think you know economics, maybe you just know the economics of failure.”

How Learning Economics Works in Singapore?


This article will provide you with a brief insight into how the economics of education in Singapore works. While there are numerous private and government universities and colleges that offer degree courses in Economics, most people prefer to pursue a degree through a university-based institution. This is because pursuing such degree programs without tuition in Economics can be difficult, costly, or time-consuming.

Take Economics as Minor

Whether you wish to pursue graduate studies in Economics or you just want to take up economics as a minor, first you need to find an institution that offers a course in economics without tuition. Two of the most popular universities in Singapore are the Lee Kuan Institution and the Asian Development Institute. You will not have to pay for any fees as these are government institutions. The International University and the Zainal Schools also offer a course on economics but they do not offer any of the subjects taught in a full time or part-time program in Economics.

How to Find Economics Tuition?

In order to find out if there are any institutions offering Economics courses in Singapore, you can visit the Economics Authority of Singapore website. From their homepage you can select the country of Singapore from the drop down menu. Then click on the Economics Tab which will take you to a page containing information regarding different topics related to economics. At this point you will be able to see the list of topics and subjects offered by Singapore universities. You can select the course that interests you.

Two Formats of Economics Syllabus

There are two formats in which the Economics syllabus is presented to students. In one format the syllabus outlines all the main concepts and principles of economics. In the other format, the economics syllabus is split into three main sections, namely microeconomics, macroeconomics and business Economics. The microeconomics section mainly deals with micro aspects such as consumer spending, investment, production, pricing and decision making.

Consult an Economics Tutor


Students who are approaching the end of their studies in economics should seek help from an economics tutor to complete their final exams and subjects. An aspiring student will greatly benefit from a guided approach to reading and writing. A top economics tutor will also help students polish their critical thinking skills so that they can face the final exam with flying colors. In addition to aiding students to reach their professional goals, a tutor will also help students prepare for their university studies, especially for the entrance examination in Singapore.

How Important Economics is?

Economics plays a very important role in the daily lives of many students in Singapore. They use the subject in doing simple and practical economic activities such as shopping, borrowing, saving and even making and dissaving food items. Most people also rely on the concepts and ideas derived from Economics tuition for coming up with winning homework answers and cases study queries in school. In fact, many schools in Singapore integrate economics in the curriculum. For instance, the Law School of Singapore provides many students with essential concepts in the topic of Economics. Students who have an inclination towards business and management may find it useful to take up Economics as a subject in their VECS or Bachelor of Business Administration programs.

Economics has many practical applications in everyday life. At every level, students must learn about the concepts of supply and demand, production and consumption, money and banking, risk, inflation and globalization. By understanding these concepts at various levels, students will be able to apply these concepts to their lives. Students will also be able to understand how different policies affect the economy and how they will affect their future decisions in life. Thus, by learning at different levels, students can broaden their understanding of economics and be able to apply it at a later stage in their lives for more productive and fruitful living.

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