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The moment I saw the black link bracelet for Apple Watch, I went nuts. I know I am surely going to have it. Whenever I think of the Apple Watch, then the link bracelet, I always admire it, as for me it’s one of the perfect straps. The stainless steel strap is high on the fashion list and looks elite. 

Link Bracelet Design & Manufacturing

Earlier the link bracelet was not the first type of band but has become one of the most popular straps. It’s quite easy to see why? The seamless smart Apple Watch body makes a great couple with a metal strap. 

It definitely looks classy and makes sense to me. I’m a working woman spending more time at my working place. So, I prefer formal accessories for my office look- as it looks professional yet comfy. Well, the stainless steel link bracelet strap boosted me to wear it. Just suit my formal style! 

I know getting the straps from an Apple store is not much budget-friendly. It’s feasible to find an economical link bracelet Apple Watch Strap. All you need to have an eye on reliable watch stores. 

Undoubtedly, manufacturing is remarkable. According to the brand (Apple), the link bracelet involved more than 100 components. Thanks to the advanced technology, precisely taking nine hours to cut each band’s links. When done with assembling, links are hand-brushed. 

An even texture of the strap enhances the watch style. If not, then take off the shine & glare. Perhaps, not make it worth it to get such a strap. This is not in the case of the link bracelet watch band. Many women love the rose gold link bracelet for Apple Watch. It’s a 2021 blockbuster colour!

What’s the next best feature of Apple’s Link Bracelet? I appreciate the sizing mechanism to fit as many wrists. The links on either side have the button- all you need to do is press it with a thin pin and disconnect it. Hence, the band has re-sizable functionality. 

There is no need to go to the jeweller or purchase an expensive piece of jewellers tools to have a proper fit. Isn’t it impressive to have a strap with phenomenal design and practicality? 

Whether To Wear or Not

Till now, it’s one of the heaviest bands offered for the Apple Watch – the 38mm version has a 65g band weight and for 42mm has a 75g ba\nd weight. The guidelines say that the 38mm link bracelet matches wrists that are 135mm to 195mm. Whereas the 42mm fits wrists that fall from 140mm to 295mm. You can take out the extra link to wear it snugger despite loose one. No need to compromise!

The stainless metal is water-resistant. But it doesn’t mean coming into contact with a liquid substance that can easily damage the steel. It’s important to know the material scuff and scratch if not used & maintained nicely. With long-term usage, one can polish the strap or take it to the professional jeweller who offers the service. 

Surely precautions are needed to take care of stainless steel, but the material looks magical. It’s almost otherworldly. You feel that you’ve worn something precious and you love to flaunt it. 

The one which I purchased is not too heavy that helps me to wear it for long hours. Surely, it’s not like leather or other strap materials that are way too light. The day I feel like wearing extra light, then a stainless steel link bracelet isn’t my choice. Moreover, the link bracelet Apple Watch band is ideal for formal & special occasions like weddings, conference meetings, etc. 

The Bottom Line

As we all know, the link bracelet is one of the expensive straps if you get it directly from the Apple store. I ordered from a reliable source dealing with Apple Watch straps. It’s not only because of the cost but the styles they have made my mind crazy. I like the innovative & high fashion statement straps for my Apple Watch Series 6, so I always approach new platforms to cherish buying experience. 

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