Why Smoke Attracts Youngsters More than Sports?

Gone are the days when the products were enough to secure high sales. Now the packaging of the product is as significant as the product itself is. Vape boxes are capable of augmenting the image of a company in many ways. These are designed in attractive shapes and sizes and are to make customers more attracted towards the product. For manufacturing purposes, Kraft and cardboard are an ideal choice for them. Throughout the years, the youngsters are leaning towards smoking more than ever. There are a certain set of reasons behind this augmented fondness for smoking; let us discuss those reasons.

Role of surroundings 

As you might have heard already, it starts right from home. It is entirely true that this particular habit of smoking can be linked to the surroundings of the teenagers. Many pieces of research have shown that teenagers whose parents smoke too. In fact, in almost 75 percent of the cases, it was true. The teenagers whose parents smoke are constantly exposed to these items, and therefore they end up getting the hang of this habit too. Similarly, the schools and colleges play a vital role in this too. In schools, if the company of the students is with the ones who smoke, then they will guide them towards this habit too. Almost 35 percent of the case studies show that most people start smoking just out of curiosity. Teenagers are wired to have new experiences, and this is one of the main reasons behind this attraction.

A fashion statement and social media

Teenagers are one of the largest groups that are up for the latest fashion. There are high chances that they might not be exposed to smoking in their homes or schools, but the fashion industry will make them curious. The fashion magazines and advertisements all seem to promote smoking, and this results in teens trying it out as a fashion accessory. Vapes are currently the most popular smoking sensation for youngsters. It is because it is thought to be less damaging and delivers thicker smoke as compared to regular cigarette smoke. Similar to the fashion industry, there is another platform, which is social media. Social media is one of the main elements behind every major trend these days. If smoking is popular on social media, then all of the youth will be smoking. Celebrities post on social media with pictures of them smoking, and this fuels the curiosity of the youth to try this themselves.

Marketing techniques

Marketing is absolutely crucial for the success or failure of any business out there. Therefore companies that manufacture these smoking products make sure to go all in. These companies pay special attention to not only their products but also the packaging. Vape packaging is designed in a way that attracts the customers and especially the youth. Other than the packaging, they hire bloggers and vloggers to promote their products further. Blogs play a vital role in the success of a product, too, because they have an audience and the power of words. Their words convince people to try out new stuff like smoking. Other than that, companies offer huge discounts on events like Christmas and New Year’s to promote their products more.

Role of the entertainment industry

Similar to the fashion industry, the role of the entertainment industry also is a major factor behind the fondness of smoking in teenagers. There are tons of people who watch Hollywood movies or binge-watch Netflix daily. Out on these platforms, almost 65 percent of the movies have scenes of smoking. Some are even made in such a manner that they promote drugs and smoking. Apart from the movies, you can find tons of YouTube videos of songs and other tutorials that encourage the youth to try it out. In a world filled with this much attraction towards smoking, it is hard to stay away. Teenagers are some of the most curious species, and they love to try new experiences. When they are constantly fed with this much information and content related to smoking, then obviously they will end up having a smoke themselves too.

Easier access to dopamine

Dopamine is commonly known as the happy chemical that is released inside the brain to give happiness. The main source to get dopamine is to exercise and work out. That results in your mind thinking that you have done some hard work, and as a result, it rewards you with dopamine. Now, with smoking, there is a chemical present in it, which is called nicotine. Nicotine gets into the body through cigarettes, and it alters the various receptors in your brain. When these certain receptors are messed with, they release dopamine into the body, which results in happiness and satisfaction. This is one of the ways how nicotine intake triggers the addiction to smoking by providing dopamine. On the other hand, sports need hard work and sweat to get dopamine, and the youth often feels lazy and gets to the easier source of getting dopamine.

There are many reasons why youngsters are attracted to smoking. Teenagers are the easiest targets for marketing companies to test out their products. They can even do this by their Vape boxes. If you were wondering about the reason that makes youngsters curious and attracted to smoking, then the point mentioned above might have answered them for you.

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