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Yoga for Students: Tip To Increase Concentration & Release Exam Stress

Yoga for students

Students’ life is not as easy as it looks so. Usually, regular monthly exams and tests increase the stress level of the students. This makes them unfit for the next upcoming exams, and make them mentally ill. Stress makes students uncomfortable and distracted towards studies. And most of the time they do not concentrate on their studies that cause anxiety, tension, and stress.

But you do not need to take any worry about this condition. Yoga is a great remedy for you to release your stress and increase concentration.  In this article, I will give some information about some yoga asanas that can help you boost your memory and focus.  

Yoga Asana For Students 

1. Pranayama

Doing Pranayam is considered very good for the students because it makes them very stress-free and feels very good, which also works very well in their studies, that’s why Pranayama is necessary for the students.

Pulling out the breath at a slow speed comes in the order of pranayama. Pranayama also leads to mental development and good health.

2. Sukhasana 

This yoga is considered very straightforward and easy because it consists of sitting in a cross with both legs and keeping your back straight, which is very comfortable and easy.

In this, your hand posture should also be well set. By doing this yoga, your brainpower is also strengthened and increases, as well as this asana, is also used for meditation. Many people do meditation while doing it.

3. Dandasana

With this yoga, the spinal cord remains straight and this is also placed in the order of this yoga.

It is also good for students, they can also do it, it is also straight and good posture. It also brings flexibility to the lower back!

4. Ek Padasana 

In ancient times, when performing a prayer, it has the advantage that the body is quick and can overcome its laziness as well as removes stress and can control its anger too.

This asana is done by lying on the stomach, there are many benefits of doing this asana, it keeps the body slim trim, it not only makes your muscles good and also brings flexibility in the body.

5. Bhujangasana 

All these asanas benefit people of all ages and also prove to be very effective for students as it reduces the pressure of studies and removes mental stress. By being well-focused, children can read and at the same time, they can control their anger well and can do their hard work well.

6. Garudhasan

This asana is good for focus and meditation. However, it is a difficult posture, so children should do it at their convenience. 

7. Paravatasana 

It reduces nervousness and increases attention. Also motivates to move towards higher goals.

8. Adho Mukha Svanasana

This asana helps to increase memory, creativity, and intelligence. Children can do it easily.

9. Sarvagasana and Sirsasana 

To perform both these asanas, a lot of balance is required. Therefore, both of these asanas help a lot in increasing balance, confidence, willpower in children.

10. Padmasana

This is a simple posture. Padmasana helps to calm the mind and increases physical-mental strength significantly.

11. Vakrasana

Balance is very important in this asana. In this, children try to balance themselves. Therefore it enhances meditation.

12. Uttanasana

This posture is quite easy. Even young children can do this easily. This asana refreshes the mind and helps to concentrate on studies.

13. Prasarita Padottanasana

This yoga also helps to increase balance and memory and helps in meditation. Do not force your head while the child is resting.

Remember the Points While Doing Yoga Asana 

Prepare your body well before doing yoga. The way one gets exercised, before exercising, similarly before doing yoga, do a warm-up in any way, that is, do the exercise only after that, so that your body opens up and becomes flexible so that it can do yoga.

Why Yoga is Important and What Are the Benefits of Doing Yoga?

Doing yoga is important because people of all ages remain healthy and doing it has many other benefits which are very important for all of them.

At the same time, by doing yoga, the mind remains sharp and away from all diseases and can concentrate well in their studies. At the same time, the elderly also benefit from it and they also feel agile and maintain their health well.

Also, it is necessary to do yoga for any person of any age, and many benefits are also made to children and elderly people by doing yoga. If you are students, then they can concentrate well on their studies. Human development takes place and they are able to control their anger also. The body remains agile, it is good to eat and drink; there are other benefits of doing yoga well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Yoga: 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of doing yoga and it also plays an important role in your personality development and also helps to relieve stress by increasing your confidence.

  • Yoga is not always done immediately after eating food in the morning and evening. This can also make the best morning empty stomach. Vajrasana is the only yoga that one can do after eating food.
  • The best time to do yoga is considered to be morning, so to do yoga, you can do yoga before the sun rises or even after the sun sets, but keep in mind that yoga is never done during the day. Also, if you are unable to wake up in the morning due to any reason, you can do yoga in the evening, but the stomach should be empty or you can do yoga even after 1 hour after taking a light breakfast.
  • Do not drink cold water in the middle while doing yoga, because the body gets warm due to physical activities, and drinking cold water in the middle can cause cold phlegm allergy, so do not drink cold water in the middle. Or you can drink it by heating it a bit and you should drink normal water soon after doing yoga. This will keep your health and yoga together.
  • If you have knee pain, waist, or any other joint problem, then before doing yoga you must take the advice of a doctor. You can know more about yoga asana posture by joining 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.