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Loose Tea or Tea Bags? Which Is A Better Option For Your Café

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The enthusiasm of tea lovers hit differently when Bernard Paul Heroux said, “There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a cup of tea.” That’s spot on! In the world of tea lovers, a cup of tea is like magic that can heal and make them feel serene.

Looking at the blossoming love of folks for tea, many entrepreneurs, nowadays, plans to step their shoes into the beverage business. While the ample assortments of tea up-for-grabs with tea wholesale suppliers provide a golden opportunity to expand the businesses, the same also results in confusion when it comes to picking the best. One such never-ending debate is over the pros and cons of loose leaf and tea bags. If you, too, are always in a jumble about which one should be cherry-picked, here is everything you should know about.

Comparing The Quality

Honestly, the quality of tea highly relies on the brand, origin, and way it has been manufactured. But if we take similar attributes for both organic loose leaf tea and tea bags, the former is definitely the better. The reason being, tea bags generally comprise tea dust and fannings, that is, the small left-over particles of tea production. In most cases, pyramid-shaped pouches might also contain traces of microplastic and nano plastic, which you would surely not  like to have in your cup.

Comparing The Transparency

For those who have savoured both loose leaf tea and tea bags, there might be no confusion between the two in connotation to transparency. Isn’t it? After all, while making tea from loose tea leaves, you can clearly see what you are drinking – buds, whole branches or leaves, and other ingredients. Interestingly, the colour and shape of tea leaves are also crystal clear, be it black tea, organic peppermint tea, or other variety. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with tea bags. 

Comparing The Taste and Aroma

For some tea drinkers, their tea o’clock is the best time as they get to relish the delicious taste, strong flavours, and magical aroma. The fact that it is only possible when tea leaves expand and release their flavour makes loose tea leaves the better over tea bags.

Another drawback with tea bags is that they comprise a fixed expense of tea in them. A die-hard tea lover who likes to have a strong flavour of tea, sadly, cannot add more tea to enjoy the preferred cup.

In A Nutshell

Needless to say, the choice between loose tea leaves and tea bags depends on the personal preference. However, if you want to serve your customers with the best taste, aroma, and flavor at your café, loose tea purchased from tea wholesale suppliers is always a better option. 

So, let the good mood of your customers be sponsored by your delicious tea!