7 Unique and Amazing Quilt Cake Ideas For Your Party

quilt cake

The quilt cakes are the new generation of cakes with quilting techniques. Different patterns and designs are added to the cake with pipe icing and this will just add the wow factor to the cake to fascinate your guests and gathering. These cakes can be from a single tier to 5 tiers. You can also add quilt effect alternatives on the tiers of the cake. This cake looks more glamorous with pearls and jewels that match the theme and color of the cake. To make your friends and family happy you can send cakes online to them.

The design and piped icing add the ultimate factor to the cake that can fascinate your guests and loved ones. This cake can make their surprise more effective and the mini cake for your loved one can also add more impression and look so amazing with square shape.

Let’s have a look at some of these quilt cakes.

1. Fondant Square Cake

This modern cake is just the perfect cake to make it as part of your party as the fabric, piping, and stitches icing add the ultimate effect to your cake. This effect looks amazing on small and mini square-shaped cakes. The new cake with the new shape can make your guests feel wowed and surprised. So adding these cakes to your party is a nice idea. 

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2. Amazing Cake With Rings 

The ring pattern in the cake is perfect to fascinate your audience and or to whom you are planning to gift. The interlocking circular ring effect on the cake is a perfect gift for the newly wedded couple as the interlocking rings show their bond. You can send cake online to your friend in your absence. So that they may come to know that you are with them indirectly. 

3. Crazy Quilt Cake 

Here the stitching effect or needlework is added with the buttercream to make your cake look traditional as well as a modern cake which is perfect to gift to your mother. The small lines are easier to pipe with the Cream. 

4. Star Pattern Amazing Cake 

The star pattern on the cake represents the native American morning star. The 3-D design will make your eyes stand on it and will make your guest amazed and like the cake. This quilt cake is just another new fashion cake perfect to be added to your party.

5. Sashiko Stitching Cake 

This stitching pattern is a copy of sashiko stitching that is done in Japan. This pattern gives the cake look like a new art form and the royal icing makes this pattern give a gorgeous look to the cake. To make this part of your party you can search it on the internet. There you can order the design according to your preference and party theme.

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6. Lovely Boutis Cake 

The cake with a french boutis cloth design can make it look French. The beautiful pattern on the cake is beautifully made with the icing and also some pattern is stamped on the fondant. You can order a cake to add this french element to your party. 

7. Delicious Hawaiian Quilt Cake 

The beautiful pattern of palm trees with coconut on the cake shows the botanical love and is inspired by trees. The Royal white icing of the tree and coconut on the light chocolate base just give the eye-catching contrast to the cake and make it the perfect selection for your party. So you can make online cake order in Kolkata to make it a part of your life 

These modern cakes with some modern and traditional effects are good for your party and wedding function. The modern icing techniques in these amazing cakes make them more attractive and fascinating. That can make your guest wow and also make your party perfect. These patterns can add a royal effect to your simple cake. To give your wedding a grand effect. To make them more attractive flowers and pearls are important to add. Especially the diamond pattern the pearls give yeh amazing effect. The classy and clean design on the cake is just perfect. You can order cakes from different websites to make them part of your party. 

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